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About City Inside/Out: Council Edition

Join host Brian Callanan for a monthly conversation with members of the Seattle City Council. City Inside/Out: Council Edition features a conversation about the issues with three Seattle City Councilmembers.

Brian Callanan is a 18-year veteran of broadcast journalism -- all in the Pacific Northwest. From 2000-2011, Callanan was a reporter and anchor for Q13 FOX News. Over his career, Callanan has won an Emmy and has earned several other awards from the Society for Professional Journalists and the National Press Photographer's Association. He's the host of the Seattle Channel's award-winning public affairs programs: City Inside/Out and City Inside/Out: Council Edition.

City Inside/Out: Council Edition - July 2015
City Inside/Out: Council Edition - July 2015

How are city leaders responding to pushback over three potential tent city sites in Seattle? How could a new set of housing recommendations affect single-family homeowners? Plus, how will one of the hottest summers on record in Seattle impact our water supply? Seattle City Councilmembers Tim Burgess, Jean Godden and John Okamoto join host Brian Callanan to break down these issues and answer your questions on the July episode of Council Edition.