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Full Council

Agenda: Public comment, 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy and the Victor Steinbrueck Park Improvement Project, Relating to 14th Avenue NW, Seattle Center Advisory Commission Reappointment, Fourth Quarter 2014 Employment Ordinance, Adding a New Section to Seattle Municipal Code, Families and Education Oversight Committee, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission Reappointment, Relating to Security from Terrorism, Citizens' Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board Reappointment and Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority Appointment and Reappointments.


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City Council 6/10/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Appointment of Robert Wonsung Lee as Director, Office of Economic Development; CB 119504:  relating to the Pike Place Market Historical District; CB 119507: relating to fair housing; Res 31887: adopting and approving an application for surplus federal property at Fort Lawton; CB 119535: relating to the Fort Lawton Redevelopment Plan Application; CB 119510: related to land use and zoning - Fort Lawton Army Reserve Center; Appointments; CB 119505: relating to land use and zoning: Ballard Neighborhood Design Guidelines; CB 119589: relating to land use and zoning: Seattle Pacific University; Appointments.

City Council 6/3/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; CB 119513: relating to the City of Seattle's Paid Family Care Leave program; CB 119500: related to land use and zoning; CB 119528: relating to historic preservation - Seattle Tower; CB 119529: relating to historic preservation - Mount Baker Community Club Clubhouse; CB 119530: relating to historic preservation - UW Parrington Hall; Reappointments to Community Involvement Commission.

City Council 5/28/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31889: in support of the right to bodily autonomy and the right to access a safe and legal abortion; Res 31890: affirming The City of Seattle's commitment to fostering a welcoming community; Res 31888: KeyArena tie-backs; Res 31886: General Rules and Procedures of the Seattle City Council; CB 119520: KR Westlake, LLC pedestrian sky bridge; CB 119521-6: street or alley rights-of-way; CB 119527: vacating the alley in Block 19; CB 119512: relating to the City's 2019 Budget; CF 314380: vacation of a portion of Northeast 48th Street; Appointment to the Seattle Transit Advisory Board; Appointment to the Sweetened Beverage Tax Advisory Board.

City Council 5/20/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CF 314425: 70th & Greenwood Ave, LLC rezone; CB 119511: 70th & Greenwood Ave, LLC rezone; CB 119515: relating to the Ship Canal Water Quality Project; Appointments to the Design Review Board; Appointments to the Seattle Planning Commission; Appointment to the Labor Standards Advisory Commission; Appointment to the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Governing Council;  Appointments to the Housing Levy Oversight Committee.

City Council 5/13/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119509: Mobile Integrated Health pilot; CB 119496: Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences renovation of the South Park Community Center; Appointments to Seattle Freight Advisory Board; Appointments to Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Board.  

City Council 5/6/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Jesus S. Aguirre as Superintendent, Department of Parks and Recreation; Appointment of Amarah Khan as Director, Office of the Employee Ombud; Appointments to the Labor Standards Advisory Board.

City Council 4/29/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Mariko Lockhart as Director, Office for Civil Rights; CB 119502: relating to the Cedar River Municipal Watershed; CB 119493: First Quarter 2019 Employment Ordinance; Appointments to the Pioneer Square Preservation Board; Appointments to the Community Police Commission; CB 119472: related to electric vehicle charging infrastructure; Res 31883: relating to committee structure, membership, meeting times, and duties; Res 31884: designating the monthly President Pro Tem; Res 31885: relating to Councilmember participation on Committees; Consideration of an Administrative Appeal of Exclusion.

City Council 4/22/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31878: Rob Mattson Way; Reappointment of Ryan P. Vancil as Hearing Examiner, Office of the Hearing Examiner; Appointments to the International Special Review District Board; CB 119491: relating to regular property taxes; CB 119494:  relating to King County Conservation Futures Levy proceeds; CB 119497:  related to monitoring and inspecting vacant buildings; Res 31880:  North Delridge action plan; Appointments to the Urban Forestry Commission; Appointments to the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board; Res 31879: supporting a safe and responsive workplace; CB 119480: 2018 Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; Res 31881: relating to the 2018 Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; Res 31882: relating to the 2018 Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; Selection of Candidate for City Council Position 4.

City Council Special Meeting - Vacancy of Council Position 4 - 4/17/19

Agenda: Each City Council Position 4 applicant makes a three minute presentation to Council. The Council then asks questions of the applicants. The order of presentations will be in alphabetical order by applicant's last name. There will also be a Public Comment period for members of the public and groups to address the Council on City Council Position 4 applicants.

City Council 4/15/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31877: petition for the vacation of a portion of NE 48th Street; CB 119487: activate closed captioning on television receivers in public accommodations; CB 119490: Central Waterfront Improvement Program.

City Council Special Meeting - Executive Session - 4/11/19

Agenda: Executive Session to discuss Pending, Potential, or Actual Litigation, and to Evaluate the Qualifications of Candidates for Appointment to Elective Office to fill the City Council Position 4 vacancy (in District 4), previously held by Councilmember Rob Johnson.*

*Please note that Executive Sessions are closed to the public.

City Council 4/8/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Reappointments to Board of Park Commissioners; Reappointments to Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee.

City Council 4/1/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments; CB 119485: lease for Elliott Bay Office Park; Appointments; Res 31873: U District Station Area Mobility Plan; Res 31875: retiring introduced and referred Council Bills, Resolutions, Clerk Files, and Appointments that have received no further action; Res 31876: supporting U.S. Senate Bill 726 - Personal Care Products Safety Act; Comments on Councilmember Rob Johnson's time on the Seattle City Council.

City Council 3/25/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments to the Domestic Workers Standards Board; Appointments to the City Light Review Panel; Res 31872: approving the proposed budget framework of the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission; CB 119475: West Ewing Mini Park; CB 119477: waterway permit for Waterway 1 in Laurelhurst; CB 119482: waterway permit for Waterway 3A in the Washington Park Arboretum; CF 314403: Soundview playfield light installation; Appointment to the Seattle Indian Services Commission; Res 31874: Chris Curtis Way.

City Council 3/18/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Saad Bashir as Chief Technology Officer, Seattle Information Technology Department; Appointment of Richard F. Shordt as member, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission; CB 119443: relating to land use - Seattle Comprehensive Plan; CB 119444: related to Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA); CB 119445: related to land use and zoning - Northgate Urban Center; Res 31870: MHA implementation; Reappointment of Michael B. Garrett, Seattle LGBTQ Commission; CB 119476: relating to the Pike Place Market; CB 119478: 2019 Budget; CB 119479: 2019 Budget; Res 31869: 2020 Budget; Res 31868: relating to City Council confirmation and reconfirmation of City department heads; Res 31871: endorsing the Regional Affordable Housing Task Force.

City Council 3/11/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Reappointment of Robert L. Nellams as Director, Seattle Center; CB 119460: 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy; CB 119466: acceptance of a gift of a timber pavilion structure; Appointments to the Seattle Center Advisory Commission; CB 119434: Delridge Multimodal Corridor Project; CB 119473: UW pedestrian tunnel.

City Council 3/4/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31867: supporting Medicare for All Act of 2019; Res 31862: delay consideration of the Mayor's nomination of Jason Johnson to be Director of the Human Services Department; Appointments to the Seattle Renters' Commission; CB 119468: creating an incentive program for hiring police officers; Reappointment to the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; CB 119420: City of Seattle's datum point;  CB 119464: construction waste collection services; Reappointments to the Museum Development Authority Governing Council; CB 119467: Broad Street Substation preservation; Res 31866: establishing a Watch List of large, complex, discrete capital projects.

City Council 2/25/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Samuel D. Zimbabwe as Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation; C.B. 119462: relating to the City Light Department; Res 31864: Seattle City Council 2019 Work Plan; Res 31865: Statements of Legislative Intent.

City Council 2/19/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CF 314415: 2019 State of the City Address; CB 119454: Myrtle reservoir radio-transmitter facility; Appointments to International Special Review District Board, Community Surveillance Working Group, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission; Res 31863: relating to misclassifications of workers as independent contractors; Appointments to Domestic Workers Standards Board; CB 119362: relating to land use and zoning - University District Design; CB 119439: relating to land use and zoning - Uptown Neighborhood Design; CB 119457: Seattle Children's Research Institute.

City Council 2/4/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119453: relating to land use and zoning - UW Master Plan; Res 31861: recognizing the harms that evictions from housing have on tenants and marginalized communities; CB 119455: relating to names of City streets; CB 119456: National Railroad Passenger Corp. utility lines.

City Council 1/28/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; CB 119451: relating to land use and zoning regarding mobile home parks; CB 119446: transferring partial jurisdiction of portions of park land and park boulevards within Discovery Park; CB 119447: relating to the Central Waterfront Improvement Program and the LID Improvements; CB 119448: relating to the funding, operations, and management for Central Waterfront improvements; CB 119449: relating to a protest waiver agreement regarding the proposed Waterfront Local Improvement District; Appointments to the Seattle Park District Community Oversight Committee; Reappointment to the Civil Service Commission; CB 119353: relating to the City Light Department; CB 119354: relating to the City Light Department.

City Council 1/22/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; CB 119441: amending Ordinance 125706.

City Council 1/14/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; CB 119398: implement the Comprehensive Plan adopted level of service standard; Reappointments to the Seattle Arts Commission; Appointment to the Seattle Human Rights Commission; Appointment to the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council; Appointment to the Benaroya Hall Music Center Board; Reappointment to the Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council; Res 31860: Seattle Public Schools' Proposition 1 and Proposition 2.

City Council 1/7/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119427: relating to the regulation of the for-hire industry; CB 119415: relating to City streets; CB 119416: relating to the State Route 520 Project; CB 119417: relating to the South Lander Street Grade Separation project; Appointments and Reappointments.

Full Council 12/19/18

Full Council


Agenda: CB 119425: authorizing acceptance of funding from non-City sources.