Full Council

Full Council: 2016 Inauguration Ceremony
Full Council: 2016 Inauguration Ceremony

Agenda: Public Comment, 2016 Inauguration Ceremony, Oath of Office administered to newly elected Councilmembers, Election of 2016-2017 Council President, 2016-2017 committees, President Pro Tem designation.


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Full Council 9/18/17

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations, Public Comment; Res 31774: In support of a single-payer health care system; CB 119070: redevelopment of City-owned real property across from the Seattle Center campus; CB 119068: skybridge; Res 31767: private communication conduits; CB 119069: Seattle Electrical Code; CB 119071: 2015 Seattle Building Code; CB 119072: Seattle's technical codes; CB 119073: public defense legal services; CF 314339-40: 2015 Report of the Police Intelligence Audit; CF 314373-4, CF 314351: Chief of Police Reports; CB 119056: City Light Department easement; CB 119058: City Light Department easements; CB 119076: City Light Department - revised easement; CB 119066: Urban Forestry Commission; Appointments, Other Business: Possible Selection of Candidate for Position of Seattle Mayor. 

Full Council 9/13/17

Full Council


Agenda: Res 31771: bond sales.

Full Council 9/11/17

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments to Commissions and Advisory Boards; CB 119045: sale and redevelopment of the former Public Safety Building block; CB 119065: Seattle Municipal Tower restaurant and retail tenants leases; CB 119030: WaveDivision I, LLC Cable Television Franchise Agreement; CB 119041: Seward Park Clay Studio; Res 31768: public spaces on the Central Waterfront.

Full Council 9/5/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31769: Filipino Town; CB 119042: Fire Station 22; Appointments to the Seattle Renters' Commission; CF 314310/CB 119059: Capitol Hill/First Hill development, LLC; CB 118971: maintenance and demolition standards related to vacant buildings; CF 314357: West Coast Self-Storage and General Steel Services of Washington, LLC.

Full Council 8/14/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31764: related to the redevelopment of KeyArena; Appointment to Seattle Women's Commission; CB 119015: relating to housing regulations (Fair Chance Housing); CB 119036: Seattle Public Utilities contract with Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.; CB 119052: relating to Seattle Public Utilities; Appointment to Seattle Women's Commission; CB 118996: Department of Parks and Recreation lease agreement; CB 119048: relating to Seattle's technical codes; Appointments to Seattle Fire Code Advisory Board; Appointments to Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; Appointments to Community Police Commission.

Full Council 8/7/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 119044: relating to City employment, CB 119046: relating to automated fixed camera revenue, CB 119019: Second Quarter 2017 Employment Ordinance, CB 119020: 2017 Citywide Position List, CB 119023: acceptance of funding from non-City sources, CB 119022: 2017 Budget, Appointments to Seattle Renters' Commission, CB 119029: relating to the Technology Matching Fund, CB 119040: Agreement with Seattle Public Theater, CB 119043: Alki Coastal Erosion Control Project, Res 31763: 2017 Parks Development Plan, CB 118985: relating to land use and zoning, Res 31762: identifying proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments.

Full Council 7/31/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment; CB 118930: acquisition and use of surveillance technologies; CB 118959: rezone certain land in the Chinatown/International District; Res 31754: enhance cultural identity and economic vitality, recognize history, and promote equitable development in the Chinatown/International District; CB 119038: encourage voluntary setbacks in the Downtown Office Core 2 zone; CB 119034: City's 8th and Roy Street property; CB 119035: financing of King Street Station third-floor tenant improvements; Appointments.

Full Council 7/24/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 119032: related to City public works and the priority hire program, CB 118984: relating to the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, CB 119024: relating to funding for housing and community development programs, CB 119026: relating to property at Sand Point, Appointments, CB 119021: relating to the reconstruction of Alaskan Way, CF 314349: Application of Capitol Hill Housing to rezone property, CB 119028: relating to land use and zoning, CB 119004: relating to land use and zoning - downtown, CB 118980: relating to land use and zoning - Mount Baker Town Center, CB 118981: relating to land use and zoning - 23rd and Cherry, CB 118982: related to land use and zoning - 23rd and Union, CB 118983: related to land use and zoning - 23rd and Jackson, Res 31752: 23rd Avenue Action Plan, CB 119031: amending ordinance 125205, Res 31761: relating to the Roosevelt RapidRide Project, Res 31755: relating to the 2005 Transportation Strategic Plan Update.

Full Council 7/17/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31758: street vacation in the Greater Duwamish Neighborhood Planning Area; CB 119018: relating to bias-free policing; Appointments; CB 118958: relating to the Arterial Asphalt and Concrete Program; CB 118991: relating to a pedestrian skybridge; CB 119006: Howe plaza; CB 119007: permit for Bike Path 1, LLC; CB 119009: relating to Fremont Dock Co.; 119011: Relating to the Department of Transportation; CB 119012, CB 119013 and CB 119014: accepting various deeds for street or alley purposes.

Full Council 7/10/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CB 119002: imposing an income tax on high-income residents, CB 119005: relating to the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Appointments, Res 31759: relating to the Seattle Park District, CB 118974: relating to housing and building maintenance, CB 118997: relating to the City's traffic code, CB 118998: relating to the City's criminal code, CF 314337: 2015 Annual Report of the Office of Professional Accountability Review Board, CB 119008: relating to grant funds from non-City sources.

Full Council 6/26/17

Full Council


Agenda: CB 11900: Seattle Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, CB 11898: Ordinance 125207, which adopted the 2017 Budget, Res 31748: Seattle Education Action Plan, Community Technology Advisory Board Appointments.

Full Council 6/19/17

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118990: grant funds from non-City sources, CB 118992: Capitol Hill Housing Low Income Transportation Demand Management Pilot Project, Res 31743: Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, CB 118993: landlords provide information to tenants about how to register to vote, CB 118960: transferring jurisdiction of the former Lakewood Substation, CB 118975: City's Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Alaskan Way, Promenade, and Overlook Walk projects, CB 118979: operation and maintenance of portions of Alaskan Way Boulevard and Myrtle Edwards Park, Appointment to the Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees.

Full Council Special Meeting 6/14/2017

Agenda: CB 118999: relating to the appropriations for the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Full Council 6/12/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Presentations, Public Comment, Payment of Bills, Res 31757: Affirming the City's commitment to meet or exceed goals established in the Paris Agreement, CB 118967: vacant property at 8646 45th Ave. S., Appointments and Reappointments.

Full Council Special Meeting 6/6/2017

Agenda: Res 31756: relating to contracted indebtedness.

Full Council 6/5/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118965: imposing a tax on engaging in the business of distributing sweetened beverages.

Full Council 5/30/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118963: youth service center, CB 118968: relating to the use of federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds, CB 118973: relating to historic preservation, Appointments to the Community Involvement Commission, Appointments to the Seattle LGBTQ Commission, CB 118976: relating to the Seattle Center Department.

Full Council 5/22/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118972: relating to the City employment and the First Quarter 2017 Employment Ordinance, Appointments to the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Council, and the Burke-Gilman Place Preservation and Development Authority Council, CB 118969: relating to civilian oversight of the police, CB 118908: amending a previous ordinance which adopted the 2017 Budget, CB 118761: relating to a public safety bill of rights for the Seattle public, CB 118977: relating to the 2017 Budget, Res 31742: relating to construction approval for private communication conduits.

Full Council Special Meeting 5/17/2017

Agenda: Res 3175: relating to contracting indebtedness.

Full Council 5/15/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Committee Reports, CB 118954: relating to the City Light Department, Appointments and Reappointments.

Full Council 5/8/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Committee Reports, Res 31746: supporting the bid of The City of Seattle to host the National League of Cities 2021/2024 City Summit conference, CB 118949: amending a prior ordinance which adopted the 2016 Budget, CB 118950 and CB 118952: amending prior ordinances which adopted the 2017 Budget, CB 118951: authorizing, in 2017, acceptance of funding from non-City sources, CB 118961: relating to funding for housing and community development programs, CB 118962: relating to housing for low-income households, CB 118964: allowing the United States to use and occupy space at the Fort Lawton Army Reserve, Res 31744: relating to the Seattle Sister Cities Program, Appointments to the Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, International Special Review District Board, and Construction Codes Advisory Board, CB 118956: relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation, CB 118957: relating to King County Conservation Futures Levy proceeds, Res 31749: amending a prior resolution.

Full Council 5/1/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments to the Labor Standards Advisory Commission, Res 31747: intent to adopt a progressive income tax targeting high-income households.

Full Council 4/24/2017

Full Council


Public Comment, CF 314375: Street vacation, Appointments to the Seattle Transit Advisory Board, Seattle-King County Aging and Disability Services Advisory Council, and Seattle Design Review Board, Adoption of other resolutions.

Full Council 4/17/2017

Full Council


Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118946: relating to the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, CF 314376: documents relating to the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, CB 118943: relating to appropriations for the Human Services Department, Appt 00610: Appointment of Michael L. Reichert as member, Seattle Indian Services Commission Governing Council, CB 118944: relating to Seattle Public Utilities, CB 118947: relating to the drainage and wastewater system of The City of Seattle.

Full Council 4/10/2017

Full Council


Public Comment, CB 118940: mandatory affordable housing in Downtown and South Lake Union, CB 118942: amending ordinance 125248, Res 31741: retiring Council Bills, Clerk Files, Resolutions, and Appointments, CB 118937: relating to the development of Yesler Terrace by the Housing Authority, CB 118936: relating to a lease agreement for office space, Appointments to the Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority Council, CB 118935: relating to Seattle Public Utilities; updating provisions relating to Seattle recycling requirements, Appointments to the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee and Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee.