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Full Council 5/15/2017
Full Council

Agenda: Public Comment, Committee Reports, CB 118954: relating to the City Light Department, Appointments and Reappointments.


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City Council 6/24/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119539: relating to Emergency Medical Services; CB 119546: related to rental housing inspections; CF 314413: temporary expansion of North Seattle Precinct; CB 119531: relating to housing for low-income households; Appointments and reappointments to Community Technology Advisory Board, Move Seattle Oversight Committee.

City Council 6/17/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Appointments to Seattle Renters' Commission; CB 119541: relating to the Department of Finance and Administrative Services.

City Council 6/10/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Appointment of Robert Wonsung Lee as Director, Office of Economic Development; CB 119504:  relating to the Pike Place Market Historical District; CB 119507: relating to fair housing; Res 31887: adopting and approving an application for surplus federal property at Fort Lawton; CB 119535: relating to the Fort Lawton Redevelopment Plan Application; CB 119510: related to land use and zoning - Fort Lawton Army Reserve Center; Appointments; CB 119505: relating to land use and zoning: Ballard Neighborhood Design Guidelines; CB 119589: relating to land use and zoning: Seattle Pacific University; Appointments.

City Council 6/3/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; CB 119513: relating to the City of Seattle's Paid Family Care Leave program; CB 119500: related to land use and zoning; CB 119528: relating to historic preservation - Seattle Tower; CB 119529: relating to historic preservation - Mount Baker Community Club Clubhouse; CB 119530: relating to historic preservation - UW Parrington Hall; Reappointments to Community Involvement Commission.

City Council 5/28/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31889: in support of the right to bodily autonomy and the right to access a safe and legal abortion; Res 31890: affirming The City of Seattle's commitment to fostering a welcoming community; Res 31888: KeyArena tie-backs; Res 31886: General Rules and Procedures of the Seattle City Council; CB 119520: KR Westlake, LLC pedestrian sky bridge; CB 119521-6: street or alley rights-of-way; CB 119527: vacating the alley in Block 19; CB 119512: relating to the City's 2019 Budget; CF 314380: vacation of a portion of Northeast 48th Street; Appointment to the Seattle Transit Advisory Board; Appointment to the Sweetened Beverage Tax Advisory Board.

City Council 5/20/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CF 314425: 70th & Greenwood Ave, LLC rezone; CB 119511: 70th & Greenwood Ave, LLC rezone; CB 119515: relating to the Ship Canal Water Quality Project; Appointments to the Design Review Board; Appointments to the Seattle Planning Commission; Appointment to the Labor Standards Advisory Commission; Appointment to the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Governing Council;  Appointments to the Housing Levy Oversight Committee.

City Council 5/13/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119509: Mobile Integrated Health pilot; CB 119496: Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences renovation of the South Park Community Center; Appointments to Seattle Freight Advisory Board; Appointments to Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Board.  

City Council 5/6/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Jesus S. Aguirre as Superintendent, Department of Parks and Recreation; Appointment of Amarah Khan as Director, Office of the Employee Ombud; Appointments to the Labor Standards Advisory Board.

City Council 4/29/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Mariko Lockhart as Director, Office for Civil Rights; CB 119502: relating to the Cedar River Municipal Watershed; CB 119493: First Quarter 2019 Employment Ordinance; Appointments to the Pioneer Square Preservation Board; Appointments to the Community Police Commission; CB 119472: related to electric vehicle charging infrastructure; Res 31883: relating to committee structure, membership, meeting times, and duties; Res 31884: designating the monthly President Pro Tem; Res 31885: relating to Councilmember participation on Committees; Consideration of an Administrative Appeal of Exclusion.

City Council 4/22/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31878: Rob Mattson Way; Reappointment of Ryan P. Vancil as Hearing Examiner, Office of the Hearing Examiner; Appointments to the International Special Review District Board; CB 119491: relating to regular property taxes; CB 119494:  relating to King County Conservation Futures Levy proceeds; CB 119497:  related to monitoring and inspecting vacant buildings; Res 31880:  North Delridge action plan; Appointments to the Urban Forestry Commission; Appointments to the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board; Res 31879: supporting a safe and responsive workplace; CB 119480: 2018 Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; Res 31881: relating to the 2018 Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; Res 31882: relating to the 2018 Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy; Selection of Candidate for City Council Position 4.

City Council Special Meeting - Vacancy of Council Position 4 - 4/17/19

Agenda: Each City Council Position 4 applicant makes a three minute presentation to Council. The Council then asks questions of the applicants. The order of presentations will be in alphabetical order by applicant's last name. There will also be a Public Comment period for members of the public and groups to address the Council on City Council Position 4 applicants.

City Council 4/15/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31877: petition for the vacation of a portion of NE 48th Street; CB 119487: activate closed captioning on television receivers in public accommodations; CB 119490: Central Waterfront Improvement Program.

City Council Special Meeting - Executive Session - 4/11/19

Agenda: Executive Session to discuss Pending, Potential, or Actual Litigation, and to Evaluate the Qualifications of Candidates for Appointment to Elective Office to fill the City Council Position 4 vacancy (in District 4), previously held by Councilmember Rob Johnson.*

*Please note that Executive Sessions are closed to the public.

City Council 4/8/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Reappointments to Board of Park Commissioners; Reappointments to Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee.

City Council 4/1/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments; CB 119485: lease for Elliott Bay Office Park; Appointments; Res 31873: U District Station Area Mobility Plan; Res 31875: retiring introduced and referred Council Bills, Resolutions, Clerk Files, and Appointments that have received no further action; Res 31876: supporting U.S. Senate Bill 726 - Personal Care Products Safety Act; Comments on Councilmember Rob Johnson's time on the Seattle City Council.

City Council 3/25/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments to the Domestic Workers Standards Board; Appointments to the City Light Review Panel; Res 31872: approving the proposed budget framework of the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission; CB 119475: West Ewing Mini Park; CB 119477: waterway permit for Waterway 1 in Laurelhurst; CB 119482: waterway permit for Waterway 3A in the Washington Park Arboretum; CF 314403: Soundview playfield light installation; Appointment to the Seattle Indian Services Commission; Res 31874: Chris Curtis Way.

City Council 3/18/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Saad Bashir as Chief Technology Officer, Seattle Information Technology Department; Appointment of Richard F. Shordt as member, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission; CB 119443: relating to land use - Seattle Comprehensive Plan; CB 119444: related to Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA); CB 119445: related to land use and zoning - Northgate Urban Center; Res 31870: MHA implementation; Reappointment of Michael B. Garrett, Seattle LGBTQ Commission; CB 119476: relating to the Pike Place Market; CB 119478: 2019 Budget; CB 119479: 2019 Budget; Res 31869: 2020 Budget; Res 31868: relating to City Council confirmation and reconfirmation of City department heads; Res 31871: endorsing the Regional Affordable Housing Task Force.

City Council 3/11/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Reappointment of Robert L. Nellams as Director, Seattle Center; CB 119460: 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy; CB 119466: acceptance of a gift of a timber pavilion structure; Appointments to the Seattle Center Advisory Commission; CB 119434: Delridge Multimodal Corridor Project; CB 119473: UW pedestrian tunnel.

City Council 3/4/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Res 31867: supporting Medicare for All Act of 2019; Res 31862: delay consideration of the Mayor's nomination of Jason Johnson to be Director of the Human Services Department; Appointments to the Seattle Renters' Commission; CB 119468: creating an incentive program for hiring police officers; Reappointment to the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; CB 119420: City of Seattle's datum point;  CB 119464: construction waste collection services; Reappointments to the Museum Development Authority Governing Council; CB 119467: Broad Street Substation preservation; Res 31866: establishing a Watch List of large, complex, discrete capital projects.

City Council 2/25/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointment of Samuel D. Zimbabwe as Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation; C.B. 119462: relating to the City Light Department; Res 31864: Seattle City Council 2019 Work Plan; Res 31865: Statements of Legislative Intent.

City Council 2/19/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CF 314415: 2019 State of the City Address; CB 119454: Myrtle reservoir radio-transmitter facility; Appointments to International Special Review District Board, Community Surveillance Working Group, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission; Res 31863: relating to misclassifications of workers as independent contractors; Appointments to Domestic Workers Standards Board; CB 119362: relating to land use and zoning - University District Design; CB 119439: relating to land use and zoning - Uptown Neighborhood Design; CB 119457: Seattle Children's Research Institute.

City Council 2/4/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119453: relating to land use and zoning - UW Master Plan; Res 31861: recognizing the harms that evictions from housing have on tenants and marginalized communities; CB 119455: relating to names of City streets; CB 119456: National Railroad Passenger Corp. utility lines.

City Council 1/28/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; CB 119451: relating to land use and zoning regarding mobile home parks; CB 119446: transferring partial jurisdiction of portions of park land and park boulevards within Discovery Park; CB 119447: relating to the Central Waterfront Improvement Program and the LID Improvements; CB 119448: relating to the funding, operations, and management for Central Waterfront improvements; CB 119449: relating to a protest waiver agreement regarding the proposed Waterfront Local Improvement District; Appointments to the Seattle Park District Community Oversight Committee; Reappointment to the Civil Service Commission; CB 119353: relating to the City Light Department; CB 119354: relating to the City Light Department.

City Council 1/22/19

City Council


Agenda: Public Comment; CB 119441: amending Ordinance 125706.

City Council 1/14/19

City Council


Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; CB 119398: implement the Comprehensive Plan adopted level of service standard; Reappointments to the Seattle Arts Commission; Appointment to the Seattle Human Rights Commission; Appointment to the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council; Appointment to the Benaroya Hall Music Center Board; Reappointment to the Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council; Res 31860: Seattle Public Schools' Proposition 1 and Proposition 2.