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Mayor Edward B. Murray left office on September 13, 2017. This web page is for archival purposes only, and is no longer updated. |  

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About Ask the Mayor

Mayor Ed Murray answers your questions and discusses issues facing the city in a show pre-recorded at locations across the city.

Ask the Mayor: April 2017
Ask the Mayor: April 2017

Is Seattle's shifting response to the homelessness crisis netting results? What led to the dramatic drop in Seattle police officers' use of force? Should the city institute an income tax on the city's highest earners? Mayor Ed Murray joins host Marcie Sillman at the city of Seattle's Emergency Operations Center (activated earlier this year in response to the homelessness crisis) to address these topics and more. Why did the mayor swap a property-tax plan for a county sales-tax proposal to fund homeless programs? How can the city best police its own police? Plus, the mayor responds to residents' questions. Does the city favor renters when considering new laws? How can neighborhoods maintain their character in the midst of unprecedented growth? Get answers on Ask the Mayor.