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Mayor Edward B. Murray left office on September 13, 2017. This web page is for archival purposes only, and is no longer updated. |  

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About Ask the Mayor

Mayor Ed Murray answers your questions and discusses issues facing the city in a show pre-recorded at locations across the city.

Ask the Mayor: June 2017
Ask the Mayor: June 2017

Mayor Ed Murray joins host Marcie Sillman center court at KeyArena for the June edition of Ask the Mayor. They discuss the redevelopment of KeyArena and its impact on entrepreneur Chris Hansen's Sodo arena proposal. The mayor addresses the recent fatal police shooting of Charleena Lyles. While police officers receive crisis intervention training, what went wrong and how will the shooting impact ongoing police reform efforts? Does Seattle need a high-earner income tax? Plus, the mayor responds to residents' questions about short-term rentals, solar energy and more. And he reflects on his life and career as an out, gay politician.