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Preserving Elephants in the Age of Extinction
Preserving Elephants in the Age of Extinction

Legendary for their size and intelligence, elephants are one of the most charismatic of megafauna. That they are under siege from poachers is no secret, and the rapidity of their declining numbers is horrifying. However, amidst the steady stream of bad news, award-winning photographer Art Wolfe and author Dr. Samuel Wasser offer hope that all is not lost with inspiring accounts from their book "Wild Elephants: Conservation in the Age of Extinction." Through stunning visuals and groundbreaking research, Wolfe and Wasser show how global education about these gentle giants seems to be succeeding, and recent government crackdowns are lowering the price of ivory and discouraging poachers. Join Wolfe and Wasser to celebrate local and government initiatives that are rising to preserve the natural heritage of the elephant population, and learn what we can do to safeguard the survival of this magnificent species.

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