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Julie Blacklow: Fearless -- Diary of a Badass Reporter
Town Hall Seattle Presents Julie Blacklow with Pepper Schwartz

Even as a teenager, Julie Blacklow displayed qualities that marked her as a natural for reporting-courage, tenacity, and a willingness to get in anyone's face if it served her mission to help people. On the other side of her forty-year career, Blacklow arrives at Town Hall with a retrospective on her time spent as one of the first women in television news in America. In conversation with famed intimacy and sexuality researcher Pepper Schwartz, Blacklow draws from her book "Fearless-Diary of a Badass Reporter" to reflect on her decades in the television news business, where she met thousands of people and learned along the way how to ask questions in the worst-and best-moments of their lives. Blacklow presents an unforgettable memoir spanning her dramatic television career, cancer, and dozens more extreme highs and lows.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle.


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