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King County Proposition 1: Sales Tax for Cultural Access Program
King County Proposition 1: Sales Tax for Cultural Access Program

Welcome to the 2017 King County Primary Election Video Voters' Guide, your chance to hear directly from the participants appearing on the August 1 primary election ballot. Each statement is up to two minutes long and unedited. Candidates and ballot measures are listed in the order they appear on the ballot. Supporters and opponents were invited to weigh in with pro and con video statements. No statements for or against King County Proposition 1 were recorded.

The King County Council passed Ordinance No. 18513 to establish and fund a cultural access program. The program would expand access to arts, science, and heritage programming throughout King County. The program would include cultural education in schools and transportation to cultural venues for public school students. The program would also provide funding for cultural organizations to expand programming, including to serve diverse and underserved populations. The cultural access program, including administrative costs, would be funded by a county sales tax increase of one-tenth of one percent for seven years beginning January 1, 2018.

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