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Full Council 2/19/2013
Full Council 2/19/2013
Agenda Items: Mayor`s 2013 State of the City Address, Seattle City Council 2013 Work Program, Central Link Light Rail Transit Project, automated bicycle counter, Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program Advisory Committee on Tolling and Traffic Management, Seattle Design Commission.

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Full Council 2/19/2013
Agenda Items: Mayor`s 2013 State of the City Address, Seattle City Council 2013 Work Program, Central Link Light Rail Transit Project, automated bicycle counter, Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program Advisory Committee on Tolling and Traffic Management, Seattle Design Commission.
Full Council 2/11/2013
Agenda Items: State Route 520 Interstate 5 to Medina Bridge Replacement and High Occupancy Vehicle Project, On the Path to Sustainability, economic development, Pike Place Market Historical Commission, Economic Development Commission, Seattle Investment Fund LLC Advisory Board, Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission, Seacrest Boathouse.
Full Council 2/4/2013
Agenda Items: Rate Stabilization Account, Nucor Steel`s waste heat.
Full Council 1/28/2013
Agenda Items: Comprehensive Plan, Burke-Gilman Public Development Authority Board, Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council.
Full Council 1/22/2013
Agenda Items: Seattle Shoreline Master Program, SU Major Institution Master Plan, The Vera Project, Landmarks Preservation Board, 2014 Proposed Budget standards, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, Citizens` Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board, Seattle Women`s Commission, Seattle LGBT Commission.
Full Council 1/14/2013
Agenda Items: Seattle School District`s Proposition 1 Operations Levy and Proposition 2 Building Excellence IV Capital Levy, Seattle Shoreline Master Program, Swedish pedestrian skybridge, sidewalk or alley easements, greywater infiltration system, Seattle Freight Advisory Board, Seattle-King County Aging and Disability Services Advisory Council, Parks and Green Spaces Levy Oversight Committee.
Full Council 1/7/2013
Agenda Items: 2011 Annual Report of the Seattle City Attorney`s Office, Chief of Police Audit Report.
Full Council 12/17/2012

Agenda Items: City of Seattle 2013 State Legislative Agenda, Seattle Arts Commission reappointments, Dell Lake Ave easements, Block 101, Block 102, Block 103, Block 93, Budget Control Act of 2011 and Sequestration, Pacific Hospital PDA Council appointments, Museum Development Authority appointments, Housing Levy Oversight committee appointments, Seattle Urban Forestry Commission appointment, Employee Retirement System benefits, Funds from non-City sources, 2012 Budget amendment, Model business license tax, Fourth Quarter 2012 Employment Ordinance, 2013 Pay Zone Ordinance, Benefits for employees mobilized by USAF, Civil Service Commission appointment

Full Council 12/10/2012
Agenda Items: Downtown Harborfront 2 zone and the Pioneer Square Mixed,Seattle University Campus, Seattle Chinatown International District Public Development Authority Council, Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Council, 2013 Water System Plan, wholesale water customers, Cedar River Watershed, solid waste system, 10042 Rainier Avenue S. surplus, fire hydrant easement, Seattle Center Advisory Commission, Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, Universal Declaration of Human Right, Seattle Fire Code Advisory Board, Seattle Human Rights Commission, Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities, Conservation Futures Levy proceeds, Queen Anne Bowl Playfield, Burke-Gilman Trail.
Full Council 12/3/2012
Agenda Items: Neighborhood Matching Fund project, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company, City Light Review Board, free-floating car sharing, Swedish Health Services pedestrian skybridge, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.
Full Council 11/26/2012
Agenda Items: Urban Forestry Commission, Sand Point Overlay District, Board of Park Commissioners, Arboretum and Botanical Garden Committee.
Full Council 11/19/2012
Agenda Items: City of Seattle Disaster Readiness and Response Plan, 2012 Budget, 2012-2017 Capi tal Improvement Program, 2013-2014 Proposed Budget, 2013-2018 Proposed Capital Improvement Program.
Full Council 11/13/2012
Agenda Items: Landmarks Preservation Board, Pioneer Square Preservation Board, 10001 Lake City Way N.E., two-story clubhouse and driving range structure.
Full Council 11/5/2012
Agenda Items: Amazon project, Northgate Plaza, Seattle Design Commission, Seattle Design Review Board.
Full Council 10/29/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle Shoreline Master Program.
Full Council 10/22/2012
Agenda Items: Indian Services Commission Governing Council, Community Police Commission.
Full Council 10/15/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle Arena, campaign contribution limits.
Full Council 10/8/2012
Agenda Items: Providing an honorary designation of North 34th Street between Fremont Avenue North and Troll Avenue North as "JP Patches Place."
Full Council 10/1/2012
Agenda Items: Westlake Park, passenger boat moorage, Seattle Freight Advisory Board, rental housing registration and inspection, Fort Lawton U.S. Army Reserve Center, Seattle Arts Commission, Burke-Gilman Public Place Development Authority Board.
Full Council 9/24/2012
Agenda Items: Mayor`s 2013-2014 Proposed Budget, West Precinct 911 Communication Center, WaveDivision Holdings, Arena, tow industry, collective bargaining agreements, consultant contracts, University District Parking and Business Improvement Area, economic and community development, Taxicab Advisory Commission, Police Intelligence Auditor report, North Transfer Station, State Route 520.
Full Council 9/17/2012
Agenda Items: Report of the Office of Professional Accountability Review Board, Landmarks Preservation Board, Street Vacation Fund, funding from non-City sources, 2012 Budget, energy use benchmarking in buildings, rates, terms and conditions for the use and sale of electricity, City Light Strategic Plan, Renewable Energy, Vacating a portion of Broad Street, Shell Oil Products, Mercer Corridor Project West Phase, greywater infiltration system, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, housing for low-income households, Benaroya Hall Music Center Board.
Full Council 9/10/2012
Agenda Items: 2013 Proposed Budget review standards, Retirement interest rates, 2012 Second Quarter Progress Report of the Chief of Police, Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities, Seattle Human Rights Commission, Tribal Elder Bernice White Place.
Full Council 9/4/2012
Agenda Items: Director of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Oath of Office, WaveDivision Holdings, redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Friends of Little Saigon, Seattle Housing Authority, Wind Park agreements, automated bicycle counter, rooftop photovoltaic array, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, Angel Morgan P-Patch, Atlantic City Nursery.
Full Council 8/13/2012
Agenda Items: Presentations; Public Comment; Hearing Examiner Reappointment; Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board Appointment; Central Waterfront; SPU loans; SPU easement rights; Comprehensive Plan; Comprehensive Plan Amendments; Comprehensive Plan Amendment Criteria; Conditional Use application; Appointments; University District Parking and Business Improvement Area
Full Council 8/6/2012
Agenda Items: City`s Supported Employment Program, State Route-5, City`s traffic code, City`s criminal code, Seattle Women`s Commission, Seattle LGBT Commission, Inc public hearing.