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Full Council 7/30/2012
Full Council 7/30/2012
Agenda Items: retail water service to the City of Shoreline, payment for parking by mobile device, Transit Corridor Projects, 2012 Integrated Resource Plan, Seattle City Light Review Panel, Living Building Design.

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Full Council 7/30/2012
Agenda Items: retail water service to the City of Shoreline, payment for parking by mobile device, Transit Corridor Projects, 2012 Integrated Resource Plan, Seattle City Light Review Panel, Living Building Design.
Full Council 7/23/2012
Agenda Items: taximeter rates, historic landmark review, Oath of Office of Jorge Carrasco as Superintendent of Seattle City Light, City`s fiber optic cable network, Technology Matching Fund Program, 2012 Budget.
Full Council 7/16/2012
Agenda Items: Major Institution Citizens Advisory Committee for Swedish Medical Center`s Cherry Hill Campus, Quadrant vehicular and pedestrian ramp, parking time-limits on Sundays, thermal energy system.
Full Council 7/9/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle Housing Authority, taximeter rates, Alaskan Way Seawall Replacement Project bond, appointments.
Full Council 7/2/2012
Agenda Items: General Rules and Procedures of the Seattle City Council, Major Institution Citizens Advisory Committee, pedestrian skybridge, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center service tunnel, Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program Advisory Committee, Central Link Light Rail project, Valley View Sewer District, procedures for Master Use Permits and Council land use decisions, quasi-judicial proceedings, Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority Council, 2013-2018 Strategic Plan for the City Light.
Full Council Special Meeting of 06-26-12
Seattle City Council: Full Council Special Meeting of 06-26-12. Providing for the sale and issuance of Bonds.
Full Council 6/25/2012
Caring Across Generations campaign, Northgate Station Access Strategy, 2012 Citywide Position List, Seattle Police Chief 2011 Annual Report, South Park Landfill site.
Full Council 6/18/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle Public Utilities, pedestrian skybridge, sustainable building features, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Sound Transit East Link Project, Seattle Planning Commission, Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority Board, Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Council, Seattle Music Commission.
Full Council 6/11/2012
Agenda Items: 2012 Budget, 2011 Families and Education Levy, Hearing Examiner filing fees and proceedings, Bite of Seattle festivals at Seattle Center, Seattle Youth Commission.
Full Council Special Meeting 6/6/2012
Agenda Item: Drainage and Wastewater Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds
Full Council 6/4/2012
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Adoption of Introductions and Referral Calendar, Payment of Bills, FAS MOB properties, 2011 Adopted Budget
Full Council 5/29/2012
Agenda Items: opposition to transporting coal across Washington State, Incident Annex, Fire Station 34, Urban Forestry Commission.
Full Council 5/21/2012
Agenda Items: public art museum facilities, Seattle City Employees` Retirement System, Fire Station No. 2, Seattle Fire Code Advisory Board, Pioneer Square Preservation Board, Pike Place Market Historical Commission, International Special Review District Board.
Full Council: Bond Sale 5/15/2012
Water System Refunding Revenue Bonds.
Full Council 5/14/2012
Agenda Items: Regulate Corporate Political Spending and Campaign Financing, Southwest Dakota Street, Mercer Corridor Project West Phase, pedestrian skybridge, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, City Light easements, Wholesale Energy Risk Management Policy, Seattle City Light Review Panel, City`s Comprehensive Plan, Fire Station 8, housing and community development programs.
Full Council 5/7/2012
Agenda Items: City Light rate setting, transportation debt, Audit Committee Appointments, One Less Truck Pilot Program, Port Security Grant Program, Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission Appointments, Board of Park Commissioners Appointment.
Full Council Special Meeting 5/3/2012
Agenda: Res. 31378, Mayoral Proclamation of Civil Emergency
Full Council Special Meeting 5/2/2012
Agenda Items: Bond Sales
Full Council 4/30/2012
Agenda Items: City Light rate setting objectives, business license tax, Broad Street, Elliott Bay Seawall Replacement bond measure, lower Cedar River restoration, Bullitt Center, Pedestrian Advisory Board.
Full Council 4/23/2012
Agenda Items: building exterior preservation, UW sewer facility easements, business license tax.
Full Council 4/16/2012
Agenda Items: City Employees` Retirement System, Commercial 2 zone or Industrial Buffer zone, First Hill Streetcar project, Seattle Transit Master Plan.
Full Council 4/9/2012
Agenda Items: Sound Transit`s Lynnwood Link Extension Project, horse-drawn carriages, historic preservation, protecting public breastfeeding, Report of the Police Intelligence Auditor, Alternate Citizen Observer Report, Cascade People`s Center, Library Levy.
Full Council 4/2/2012
Agenda Items: 2011 Annual Report of the Office of the Hearing Examiner, overhead and underground electrical rights in King County, North Beacon Hill Residential Urban Village, Othello Residential Urban Village, Seattle Comprehensive Plan, Seattle Planning Commission, Seattle Design Commission, 2012 work program for the Office of Housing.
Full Council 3/26/2012
Agenda Items: Transfer sewer infrastructure to King County, historic preservation, Seattle Investment Fund LLC Advisory Board, Human Rights Commission, Citizens` Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board, Retiring Introduced and referred Council Bills, Resolutions, and Clerk Files.
Full Council 3/19/2012
Agenda Items: US Department of Justice grant funds, Harborview tunnels, Bicycle Master Plan.