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Full Council 11/17/2014
Full Council 11/17/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Creating an Arts and Cultural Districts program and implementation plan.

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Full Council 11/17/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Creating an Arts and Cultural Districts program and implementation plan.
Full Council 11/10/2014
Agenda: Setting the public hearing on the petition of Inhabit Eastlake, LLC.
Full Council 11/3/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Relating to City employment and the 2014 Adopted Budget, Authorizing the Execution of a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Full Council 10/27/2014
A meeting of the Full Council, no committee reports.
Full Council Special Meeting 10/22/2014
Agenda: Municipal Light and Power Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds.
Full Council 10/20/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Affordable housing linkage fee program, Seattle Fuel Gas Code, Seattle Residential Code, Seattle Energy Code, Seattle Plumbing Code, Seattle Building Code, Seattle Grading Code, Seattle Mechanical Code.
Full Council 10/13/2014
Agenda: Public comment, land use and zoning, Supporting Washington State Initiative 594 (I-594).
Full Council 10/6/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Department of Finance and Administrative Services Director Oath and Appointment, Indigenous Peoples` Day, Central Waterfront Committee, small efficiency dwelling unit, Appointments, Use and sale of electricity.
Full Council 9/29/2014
Agenda: Public comment, workforce housing, 2014 National Electrical Code, Electrical Safety Standards, Administration and Installation, Seattle Electrical Code amending, 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, Department of Parks and Recreation, Seattle Department of Transportation, redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, communication cabinets in public places, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Streetcar System, City-owned property under the jurisdiction of the SDOT, Authorizing the sale at fair market value of certain surplus property, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Appointments and Reappointments, Authorizing execution of the Boundary Power Assignment Agreement, City Light Department, Appointments and Reappointments, water services of Seattle Public Utilities.
Full Council 9/22/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Appointment, Authorizing the Execution of a Memorandum of Understanding, Prohibiting Food Waste and Compostable Paper From Disposal as Garbage, Authorizing Seattle Public Utilities to enter into an Easement Agreement, Relating to Historic Preservation, Pike Place Market Historical Commission Appointment, International Special Review District Board Appointment, Concerning the use of neonicotinoid pesticides by the City of Seattle, Authorizing the Execution of Lot Boundary Adjustment 3012031, Council Land Use Action to Allow an Urban Farm with Five Greenhouses, Seattle Center Advisory Commission Appointment, Second Quarter 2014 Employment Ordinance, Development of a Seattle Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda, Appointments and Reappointments.
Full Council 9/15/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Department of Transportation Director Oath of Office, Accepting deeds for street or alley purposes, SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project, 2001 Sixth LLC skybridge, below-grade waste-heat conveyance system and utility tunnels, Seattle Asian Art Museum renovation, food and beverage concessions in parks, Seattle City Employees` Retirement System, City of Burien fifteen-year franchise, Amp fee.
Full Council 9/8/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Citywide Position List, centralized City Human Resources Services, Appointments, Insurance Coverage for Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care, land use and zoning.
Full Council 9/2/2014
Agenda: Indigenous Peoples` Day, enforcement and timely payment of parking infractions, 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements, pedestrian tunnel, State Route 520 Project, historic preservation, Comprehensive Plan amendments, Fire Station 29, funding from non-City sources, surplus property, appointments.
Full Council 8/11/2014
Agenda: Neighborhood Matching Fund projects, Prioritizing family unity, redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Education Center in Lake Union Park, Appointments, SPU Strategic Business Plan.
Full Council 8/11/2014
Agenda: Neighborhood Matching Fund projects, Prioritizing family unity, redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Education Center in Lake Union Park, Appointments, SPU Strategic Business Plan.
Full Council 8/4/2014
Agenda: Immigrant and Refugee Commission, Technology Matching Fund Program, Community Police Commission members compensation, Appointments.
Full Council 7/28/2014
Agenda: City Light 2014 Integrated Resource Plan Update and Progress Report, Office of Arts and Culture.
Full Council 7/21/2014
Agenda: Center City Connector, office space in the Columbia Center, Oath of Office of Michael Mattmiller as CTO, Office of Professional Accountability, Board of Park Commissioners, expanding Legacy House, Economic Development Commission.
Full Council 7/14/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Transportation Network Companies, Taxi, For-hire Services, Affiliated Drivers and Vehicles, 2014 Budget, Wastewater Treatment Division permission, Seattle Department of Transportation; Accepting a Statutory Warranty Deed, Land Value Determinations for Shoreline Street End and Term Permit Fee Methodologies, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Appointment, Rates and Charges for Water Services of Seattle Public Utilities, Urban Forestry Commission Appointment, West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, 2013 Annual Report of the Office of the City Auditor, Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority.
Full Council 7/7/2014
Agenda: for-hire vehicles, Residences at Fairview Addition, Report of the Police Intelligence Auditor, Seattle Police Chief 2013 Annual Report.
Full Council 6/30/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Fire Station 32, Center City Connector, Historic Preservation, Seattle Public Utilities, International Special Review District Board Reappointment, Statutory Warranty Deed, City Light Department, Capitol Hill Business Improvement Area, Authorizing the transfer of a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Adopting revised Investment Policies, Seattle Music Commission Reappointments, 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for the City Light, 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.
Full Council: Mayor Murray's Address on Public Safety
Agenda: Mayor Murray`s Address on Public Safety and Partnering for Safer Neighborhoods.
Full Council 6/23/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Initiative Measure No. 107, relating to Early Learning and Childcare, Certificate of Sufficiency for Initiative No. 107, declaration of City Council intent to reject Initiative No. 107, Relating to funding and providing preschool services for Seattle children, Relating to the Seattle Preschool Program, Initiative 107 to appear on the November 4, 2014 ballot, Appointment and Oath of Office of Kathleen O`Toole as Seattle Police Chief, compensation program for the Seattle Police Chief, Mount Baker Station Area Overlay District, 901 Rainier Avenue South, Reappointments to Economic Development Commission.
Full Council Special Meeting 6/17/2014
A special meeting of the Full Council for the sale of bonds.
Full Council 6/16/2014

Agenda: Public Comment, City employment, lease agreement for office space, Seattle Dept. of Info-Tech. radio transmitter building replacement, Skybridge over and across Marion Street, east of Minor Avenue, Vacating a portion of Terry Avenue North, Relating to land use and zoning, Granting Port of Seattle permission, Granting Puget Sound Bike Share, d.b.a. Pronto! Emerald City Cycle Share Permission, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Appointment, historic preservation, Landmarks Preservation Board Reappointment.