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Look, Listen & Learn teaches kids about the importance of our elders
Look, Listen and Learn: Elders

Grandma and Grandpa Possum are coming to visit and Possum is excited! In Episode 6 of Look, Listen and Learn, Auntie Lena teaches Possum the importance of our elders and different ways to show that we love them. Join Possum's friends in these creative activities:

Reading - Ms. Debra reads "Abuelo" by Arthur Dorros to Louis at the Douglass Truth Library.

Art - Ms. Nadia teaches Malik embroidery and how art can be passed down from our elders at the Seattle Children's Museum.

Cooking - Louis and Chef Tarik make basbousa, a Tunisian semolina cake that Chef Tarik learned how to make from his elders, at the PCC Market in Columbia City.

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