Look, Listen and Learn

A new early learning children’s TV show -- Saturday & Sunday | 8:30 a.m & 2:30 p.m.

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About Look, Listen & Learn

Look, Listen and Learn (LL+L) is a new concept in public access television. As an early learning educational program, LLL helps bridge the achievement gap by featuring local enrichment venues and applying brain development knowledge to foster learning and enhance caregiver-child relationships.

Look, Listen and Learn: Quiet Time
Look, Listen and Learn: Quiet Time

Do you ever need quiet time? In this episode of Look, Listen and Learn, Auntie Lena and Possum learn about the importance of quiet time and the different things they can do during quiet time to feel happy, relaxed and calm. Join Possum's friends in these fun and creative activities:

Reading - Maxwell and Miss Mahina read "'Iwalani's Tree" by Constance Hale at the Woodland Park Zoo and learn about how a girl named 'Iwalani likes to spend her quiet time. 

Art - Miss Erin shows us her quiet time doodles at The Wing Luke Museum.

Music - Reina and Mr. Chris sing a calming song together at the Tukwila Community Center.