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Seattle University Conversations, the quarterly series presented by the Institute of Public Service, brings local, regional, and national leaders to the stage for in-depth discussions on critical current issues. 

Seattle University Conversations: The West confronts Putin & his war on Ukraine
Seattle University Conversations: The West confronts Putin & his war on Ukraine
As Russia’s war in Ukraine enters the third month, many people wonder how will it all end? Retired, four-star General Barry McCaffrey says the best answer is — nobody knows. But he admits to hosts Prof. Larry Hubbell and multimedia journalist Joni Balter, “When the Russians entered, many people, me included, thought it would likely go very badly for Ukraine. It didn’t.” McCaffrey adds, “Things are not pleasant in Moscow right now.” As that conflict rages on, former U.S. ambassador to China Gary Locke says the Chinese are carefully monitoring the sanctions imposed by the U.S. Would the threat of similar sanctions deter an attack by China on Taiwan? Locke says that scenario is much more complicated, adding “China is America’s largest export destination…and so, for many of our industries, our jobs here in the United States depend on trade with China.” Meantime, what is China’s reaction to the way Russia is conducting itself in Ukraine? And, most importantly, how serious are Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons? 
Presented by Seattle University's Institute of Public Service.