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Art Zone "phones it in" with Megan Griffiths & Fastbacks
Art Zone Phones It In 7/30/20

Nancy and Joe leave the confines of their condo and "phone it in" from the bucolic surroundings of Parsons Gardens, a charming public park on the top of Queen Anne Hill. Nancy Zoom chats with filmmaker Megan Griffiths about being invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; beloved punk rock Seattle band Fastbacks play a new version of their classic 1993 tune "They Don't Care;" Reel Queer Youth, the film and media workshop for LGBTQ+ youth, goes virtual; Drive-in movies make a comeback; and the Guppy's reveal a few of their "Regrettable Pandemic Purchases." 

"Art Zone with Nancy Guppy" has temporarily morphed into "Art Zone Phones It In," a low-tech scrappy version filmed in the social distancing comfort of Nancy's condo. With Joe Guppy running camera (his iPhone), Nancy and her remote but mighty AZ team curate homegrown video performances by musicians, actors and comedians; present video interviews with artists, city leaders, and owners of art-based businesses; and feature laugh-out-loud moments like cooped-up cat roommates and Nancy giving Joe a much needed, and very bad, haircut.

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