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A new approach in the war on drugs on City Inside/Out
City Inside/Out: Drug Debate

Lawmakers are racing to replace the state's drug possession law after the Washington Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional. The decision invalidates decades of felony convictions and is paving the way for a new approach to the war on drugs. But until the state acts, some cities are adopting their own drug laws and some law enforcement agencies have stopped making drug arrests.


Nichole Alexander, Coordinator, JustCare

Manka Dhingra, WA State Senator (D-45th)

Ann Rivers, WA State Senator (R-18th)  

Jon Nehring, Mayor, City of Marysville  

Steve Strachan, Executive Director, WA Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs

Malika Lamont, Project Manager, LEAD-WA Expansion Team, Public Defender Association

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