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Debate on returning to in-person learning on City Inside/Out
City Inside/Out: Reopening Schools?

After a year of remote learning, Governor Jay Inslee has declared the spike in teen suicide attempts and drop in class engagement as an emergency and has ordered all schools to offer some in-person learning by April 19. Some educators and parents say that's too soon, while others argue it's long overdue. As school districts, teachers' unions and families struggle with what's best for kids, the lesson on how to safely reopen doesn't yet have a clear answer.

Chris Reykdal, WA State Schools Superintendent

Chandra Hampson, President, Seattle School Board  

Guillermo Carvajal, Family Support Worker, Seattle Public Schools  

Manuela Slye, President, Seattle Council PTSA  

Deb Grover, Parent, Bellevue School District  

Uti Hawkins, VP, Seattle Education Association

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