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CityStream: Celebrating Black History
CityStream: Celebrating Black History
Celebrate Black History from the James and Janie Washington Cultural Center, the former house and studio of late Seattle painter and sculptor James Washington Jr., a veteran of the nation`s earliest civil-rights struggles and one of the country`s leading African-American visionary folk artists. Plus, we`ll look into the busy corner of 23rd and Union in the Central District. Learn how it`s more than just an intersection of stores and restaurants. Then, Seattle airwaves were alive with soul, funk and R & B music during the "golden age" of the late 1960s and early ‘70s thanks to the late, great radio station KYAC. Hear about the history of the station from the folks behind the music. And find out how jazz musicians are passing their love of the beat down to the next generation. Join host Josephine Cheng for these stories and more.
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