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Transforming Seattle's alleys & therapy with an artful twist on CityStream
CityStream: Alley Upgrade & Art Therapy

Many alleys are lined with trash. They're dark and undesirable. But now, some of Seattle's back alleys are experiencing a renaissance. From the U District to Pioneer Square, alleys are being scrubbed clean, greenery is going in, and art installed. Once overlooked, they're now a place to build community. Also, for those feeling anxious and overwhelmed, tapping into one's own creativity can provide comfort. Art therapy at Asian Counseling and Referral Service is helping many people find relief. Plus, homelessness has become Seattle's most pressing problem. See how one man has redirected his life and is tackling the issue "head on." Host Enrique Cerna has these stories from Gallery Onyx at Pacific Place. (Photo: Seattle Department of Transportation)   

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