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40 years of the Burke-Gilman Trail & recycled art on CityStream
CityStream: Trail Tale & Colorful Castoffs

Walkers, joggers and cyclists have pounded its pavement for a long time! It's the 40th anniversary of the Burke-Gilman Trail. Each year, tens of thousands of people travel the urban trail which runs east from Ballard to Bothell. But few know who paved the way or which politician saw its value despite a deep recession. Also, who was Burke and who was Gilman? Plus, crafting art from castoffs! That's the objective of the colorful and quirky Recycled Arts Festival. It has everything from creative art pieces to eye-catching cars, even a fashion show! And now that summer has begun, water safety is top of mind. One group ready to help 24/7 is the Seattle Fire Department's highly trained rescue swimmers. See what it takes to be part of this team. Host Josephine Cheng has these stories from the Burke-Gilman Trail.

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