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Seattleites fight for immigrant rights
CityStream: The Fight for Immigrant Rights

They came by the thousands to protest President Trump's "zero tolerance" policy and demand immigrant children be reunited with their mothers. Some of those women remain in the SeaTac Federal Detention Center, where the protest took place. An immigrant caseworker recounts her emotional visits with women inside the facility. Jorge Barón sympathizes. He heads the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, which is working hard to reunite immigrant families. He says the most heartfelt stories have come from women whose only wish is to hug their child - some of whom are being held in a government facility on the Texas/Mexico border. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan was among 20 U.S. mayors who traveled there in an attempt to check on their well-being. For Mayor Durkan the trip was personal. Host Enrique Cerna has these stories from Inscape Arts, the former home of the INS building.

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