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Nisei veterans & war connections on CityStream
CityStream: Nisei Veterans & War Connections

Second-generation Japanese Americans, known as Nisei, were highly decorated during World War II. Once the fighting ended, stories from their lives were seldom shared. Photographer Shane Sato spent 20 years documenting these humble heroes. Little by little, he got them to open up about their past. Those reflections are revealed in his book, "Portraits of Courage." And, as we mark the centennial of The Great War - we're reminded of the impact it had on Seattle and how it helped shape the city. From the economy to healthcare, organized labor to the state of our democracy - all were influenced by World War I. Also, a program that uses music to mend those suffering from PTSD is striking a chord. Some veterans call it a lifesaver. Host Enrique Cerna has these stories from the Museum of History & Industry.

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