Look, Listen and Learn

A new early learning children’s TV show -- Saturday & Sunday | 8:30 a.m & 2:30 p.m.

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About Look, Listen & Learn

Look, Listen and Learn (LL+L) is a new concept in public access television. As an early learning educational program, LLL helps bridge the achievement gap by featuring local enrichment venues and applying brain development knowledge to foster learning and enhance caregiver-child relationships.

Look, Listen and Learn: Home
Look, Listen and Learn: Home

Auntie Lena and Possum learn what "home" means by reading, cooking, and making art with friends. Listen to the story "Vincent Comes Home," where a cat who lives on a ship that travels from port to port learns the true meaning of home. Then, try an art project that combines painting and collage to explore what home means to you. Also, we'll make a snack that has "home" in its name.