2016/2017 Sustainability & Transportation Committee

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 3/15/16
Sustainability & Transportation Committee 3/15/16

Agenda: Public comment, Briefing on the petition of WSA Properties to vacate Occidental Avenue South (CF 312905), Public hearing on he petition of WSA Properties to vacate Occidental Avenue South (CF 312905).


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Sustainability & Transportation Committee Special Meeting 12/8/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Appointments and Reappointments; Res 31773: affirming The City of Seattle's commitment to racial equity and social justice and recognizing the Seattle Department of Transportation's Transportation Equity Program; Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan; CB 119154: Pier 54, LLC pedestrian walkway and covered patio; CB 119159: Lakefront Investors 2 LLC communication conduits.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 12/5/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Appointments to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board; Res 31788: relating to the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority; CB 119151: relating to the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority; Res 31784: Light Rail Alignment; CB 119155: relating to SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program; Res 31786: disposition of properties; CF 314309: Broad Street vacation petition.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 9/19/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointment to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Drive Clean Seattle Update, Bike Share Update, CB 119087: relating to the sale and redevelopment of City-owned property located at 318 Fairview Avenue North, Res 31773: affirming The City of Seattle's commitment to racial equity and social justice.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 9/8/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Street and Alley Vacation Policy Review; Res 31767: granting conceptual approval to City Investors XXV LLC, CB 119068: granting permission to MCP Alley24 East, LLC; Community Benefits for the Disposition of City-owned Surplus Property; Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits; 2016 Free-Floating Car Share Report.

Sustainability and Transportation Committee 8/15/17

Agenda: Public Comment; CF 314357: Petition of West Coast Self-Storage and General Steel Services of Washington, LLC; Seattle Commute Trip Reduction.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 7/18/17

Agenda: Public Comment, 2017 Seattle Department of Transportation Race and Social Justice Initiative Annual Report, Seattle Department of Transportation Women and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises Program Update, Seattle Transportation Benefit District Update, Res 31755: relating to the 2005 Transportation Strategic Plan Update, Res 31761: relating to the Roosevelt RapidRide Project, CB 119031: Seattle Department of Transportation's 2017 grant applications.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 7/7/17

Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118991: relating to Virginia Mason pedestrian skybridge, CB 119006: Howe Plaza, CB 119007: permit for Bike Path 1, LLC, CB 119009: relating to Fremont Dock Co., CB 118958: relating to the Arterial Asphalt and Concrete Program, CB 119011: Relating to the Department of Transportation, CB 119012, CB 119013 and CB 119014: accepting various deeds for street or alley purposes.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 6/29/17

Agenda: Public Comment, One Center City Update, Semi-Annual Streetcar Report, Center City Streetcar Connector, CB 119008: relating to grant funds from non-City sources.

Sustainability & Transportation Committee 6/9/17

Agenda: Appointments to the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Res 31743: Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, CB 118990: grant funds from non-City source, CB 118992: Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program (CHHIP).

Sustainability & Transportation 5/16/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31742: granting conceptual approval for construction and maintenance of communication conduits, Levy to Move Seattle 2016 Annual Report, CB 118977: relating to the 2017 Budget, Bike Theft and Registry.

Sustainability & Transportation Special Meeting - Public Hearing 5/16/17

Agenda: Public Hearing on CB 118963: relating to land use and zoning, clarifying a land use decision to waive or modify structure width or setbacks for a youth service center.

Sustainability & Transportation Special Meeting 5/12/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Vision Zero Update, Res 31743: Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan Update.

Sustainability & Transportation 4/18/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments to Seattle Transit Advisory Board, Res 31743: Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, Office of Sustainability and Environment's Race and Social Justice Initiative Progress Report, CF 314375: petition extension request of Project Stewart.

Sustainability & Transportation 4/4/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments to the Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee, Appointments to the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee, Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan Update, Elliott Bay Seawall Project Update.

Sustainability & Transportation 3/21/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Streetcar Update, Equitable Transportation.

Sustainability & Transportation 3/7/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments, 2016 Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Report, Vision Zero Update, Center City Bike Network Update, CB 118924: accepting various deeds for street or alley purposes, CB 118923: Construction Services Agreement with Sound Transit Relating to the University Link, North Link, and East Link Projects.

Technical note: Please note the audio is not available for the first few minutes of the meeting

Sustainability & Transportation 2/15/17

Agenda: Burke-Gilman Missing Link Draft Alternatives, Public Comment.

Sustainability & Transportation 2/10/17

Agenda: Chair's Report, Public Comment, Seattle Transportation Benefit District Annual Report, One Center City Update, CB 118791 and CB 118790: relating to SDOT properties.

Sustainability & Transportation 01/20/17

Agenda: Public Comment, CB 118897: easements, CB 118894: open space improvements, CB 118896: SDOT use fees.

Sustainability & Transportation 01/11/17

Agenda: Community Benefits: Tools of the Trade, Public Comment.

Sustainability & Transportation 12/06/16

Agenda: Public Comment, Ballard Avenue Historic District Board, CB 118790: 900 Broad Street, CB 118791: 911 Aurora Avenue North, CB 118792: street and sidewalk use and the Play Street program, CB 118789: vacating the remaining north forty feet of the alley in Block 18, CB 118872: vacating the alley in Block 14, and the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan Update.

Sustainability & Transportation 9/20/16

Agenda: Public Comment, CF 314320: Alley vacation, CB 118813: Utility permits and regulations, CB 118815: Speed limits, Parking Benefit Districts.

Sustainability & Transportation 9/14/16

Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31696: Transitioning City's transportation sector; Res 31706: Seattle Freight Master Plan, CB 118796: Swedish Health Services skybridge, Res 31700: Swedish Health Services pedestrian tunnel, CF 314320: alley vacation.

Sustainability & Transportation 8/16/16

Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31696: Transitioning City's transportation sector from oil to electric, Freight Master Plan Briefing, SDOT Capital Projects Dashboard Demonstration.

Sustainability & Transportation 8/2/16

Agenda: Public Comment, Res 31681: Equity and Environment Agenda, CB 118732: Relating to City streets, CB 118733: Relating to Sound Transit, CF 314304: Alley vacation.

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