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Lunch & Learn: Housing Development & Anti-Displacement Strategies
Lunch & Learn: Housing Development & Anti-Displacement Strategies

Lunch and Learn on Anti-Displacement Strategies with community partners hosted by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda.

Seattle's growth and consequent housing shortage have taken place in the context of historic wrongs rooted in racist redlining policies and continued exclusionary land use practices-resulting in many neighborhoods out of reach to all but the wealthy few, while low-income communities and communities of color are being displaced further and further from their jobs, their social networks, and their cultural and faith communities.


Giulia Pascuito, Puget Sound Sage: Displacement 101; Anti-Displacement Framework

Patrice Thomas, Rainier Beach Action Coalition: Story of Rainier Beach, jobs tie-in

Evelyn Allen, Black Community Impact Alliance and Catholic Community Services: Affirmative marketing and community-driven development in the Central District

Patience Malaba, Housing Development Consortium: Role of affordable housing; acquisition and preservation strategies

Uche Okezie, HomeSight: Homeownership, story of Othello Square

Xochitl Maykovich, Washington CAN: Eviction reform and other tenant issues


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