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City Council 12/16/19
City Council 12/16/19

Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119721: authorizing, in 2019, acceptance of funding from non-City sources; 119712: relating to City-owned property; CB 119716: relating to City employment; CB 119720: amending Ordinance 125724 - 2019 Budget; CB 119724: relating to services for people experiencing homelessness; Res 31918: City of Seattle's 2020 State Legislative Agenda; CB 119709: relating to Seattle Public Utilities - sewer and storm drain easements; CB 119710: relating to Seattle Public Utilities - accepting easements; Appointments and Reappointments to Museum Development Authority Governing Council, Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle LGBTQ Commission, Seattle Women's Commission, Seattle Human Rights Commission, Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities, Seattle Music Commission; CB 119711: related to Department of Finance and Administrative Services; CB CB 119725: relating to City employment; Appointments and Reappointments to Pike Place Market Historical Commission, Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council, Landmarks Preservation Board, Community Involvement Commission, Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; Res 31921: intent to consider legislation in 2020 - transit subsidies; Appointment to Sweetened Beverage Tax Community Advisory Board.


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