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City Council 8/16/21
City Council 8/16/21

In-person attendance is currently prohibited per Washington State Governor's Proclamation 20-28.15, until the COVID-19 State of Emergency is terminated or Proclamation 20-28 is rescinded by the Governor or State legislature. Meeting participation is limited to access by telephone conference line and online by the Seattle Channel.

Agenda: Call to Order, Roll Call, Presentations, Approval of the Journal, Adoption of the Introduction and Referral Calendar, Approval of the Agenda; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CF 314482: Office of City Auditor extension request - reports on Seattle Department of Transportation Surveillance Technology Usage on License Plate Reader (LPR) technology and Closed Circuit Television Traffic Cameras (CCTV) technology; CF 314483: Seattle Information Technology Department extension request - Group 4 Surveillance Impact Report (SIR) report; CF 314484: Revised Master List of Technologies; CB 120144: relating to City employment, adopting a 2021 Citywide Position List; Appointment of Jeffrey G. Berry as member, Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee; CB 120105: relating to Seattle Police Department - banning the ownership, purchase, rent, storage, or use of less lethal weapons; CB 120148: relating to parking enforcement - transferring positions out of Seattle Police Department; CB 120121: relating to land use and zoning - occupancy of street-level spaces downtown; Appointments and reappointments to Seattle Women's Commission, Seattle Music Commission, Seattle Human Rights Commission, Cultural Space Agency Public Development Authority Governing Council; Res 32018: supporting the creation of a United States Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding Schools and other actions to address the lasting harm of Indian boarding schools.


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