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Mayor & city leaders announce early 2022 launch of third Health One unit
Mayor & city leaders announce early 2022 launch of third Health One unit

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, Councilmember Lisa Herbold, Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, Seattle Fire Fighters Union Local 27 President Kenny Stuart, and Human Services Department (HSD) Director Tanya Kim announce the launch of a third Health One unit that will expand regular service to South Seattle. The third unit is expected to become operational in early 2022 and will primarily serve the Rainier Valley, Mt. Baker, Beacon Hill, and Central District neighborhoods, and provide additional coverage to Pioneer Square and West Seattle.  

This Health One unit will be staffed with two specially trained Seattle Fire Department (SFD) firefighter/EMTs and a case manager from the Human Services Department Aging and Disability Services division. All three of the Health One units have primary emphasis areas but can also respond citywide to serve people with non-emergency issues like substance abuse or behavioral health/mental disorders, non-emergency medical issues, and a need to access services. Health One focuses on providing alternatives to hospitalization and offers referrals to a wide array of services, crisis intervention, as well as alternative transport, such as to shelters or clinics. 

Speakers and attendees include:

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, City of Seattle

Chief Harold Scoggins, Seattle Fire

Liam Roney, Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27

Tanya Kim, Human Services Department


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