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City Inside/Out checks out the Seattle Public Library levy
City Inside/Out: Library Levy

On Aug. 6, Seattle voters will decide whether to renew the seven-year library levy, which is slated to increase from $123 million to $219 million. Levy supporters say the replacement levy's funding increase will continue vital programs, expand hours at Seattle Public Library branches, boost investments in technology and other services, fund seismic renovations and maintenance and eliminate library fines for overdue items. However, some taxpayers have expressed concern. They contend that while libraries are a critical resource, the city should pay for additional services with general-fund dollars not via a voter-approved levy, which increases the burden on renters and property owners.


Paul Guppy, Concerned Taxpayer

Marcellus Turner, Library Levy Supporter

Joanne Harris, Library Patron

Chris Leman, Concerned Taxpayer

Santos Sarmiento, Library Patron

Francesca Wainwright, Regional Manager, Seattle Public Library

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