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Debating the complex issue of a minimum wage hike on City Inside/Out
City Inside/Out: Minimum Wage Hike?
The debate over whether to raise Seattle`s minimum wage to $15 an hour is leading the city`s political agenda. While many agree wages have not kept pace with the soaring cost of living, it is unclear how best to help workers without hurting businesses and non-profits. Is phasing in a wage increase over three years the right solution? Should employees` total compensation be included in the equation? We debate this complex issue with the help of Jess Spear, organizing director of 15Now; Bill Hobson, executive director of the Downtown Emergency Service Center; and Angela Stowell, owner and CFO of Ethan Stowell Restaurants. We also hear from Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Clark and Kshama Sawant, Nick Musser of Icon Grill and several minimum wage workers.
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