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City Inside/Out: Marijuana Legalization
City Inside/Out: Marijuana Legalization
Recreational use of marijuana is now legal for adults in Washington, but many questions remain. How do you legally buy pot? Will the federal government crack down on the new state law? Will workplace rules change regarding drug use? How should you talk to your teens about pot possession and use? We examine the aftermath of I-502 and hear from Pat Kohler, Administrative Director of Washington State Liquor Control Board, which has a year to implement a new system for licensing marijuana growers and sellers. We also get perspective from Jim Pugel, Assistant Police Chief of the Seattle Police Department, and Roger Roffman, marijuana researcher and Professor Emeritus of the University of Washington. Helping to clear the air in our studio are our legal eagles, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, Employment Law Attorney Mike Subit, and Teamsters Local 117 Staff Attorney Dan Swedlow.
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