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City Inside/Out: Proposition 1: Seawall
City Inside/Out: Proposition 1: Seawall
Seattle`s central waterfront seawall is seismically vulnerable. Should voters approve a $290 million bond measure to replace part of it? Or should waterfront property owners, alone, shoulder the cost? If it passes, Proposition 1 will cost the average Seattle homeowner about $60 a year for 30 years, which critics argue is too much of a tax burden. Supporters say, however, that repairing the crumbling seawall and adjacent piers now is crucial for public safety, and any delay will jeopardize construction timing of the Alaskan Way tunnel and waterfront improvements. We hear from Seattle Aquarium CEO Bob Davidson, Seattle Department of Transportation Seawall Replacement Project Manager Jennifer Wieland and retired UW professor Earl Bell. In studio, former Seattle mayor and Central Waterfront Committee co-chair Charley Royer, and Prop. 1 opponent Christopher Brown, debate the measure.
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