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Can the state pay for basic education?
City Inside/Out: McCleary Mandate

It's shaping up to be a contentious legislative session, and one of the leading issues is the 2012 McCleary decision. State lawmakers are under pressure to significantly increase funding for basic education. If they don't, they'll face sanctions by the state Supreme Court, which last fall held the Legislature in contempt of court for failing to rectify its violation of the "paramount" constitutional duty to fully pay for K-12 education. Will lawmakers be able to hammer out a funding plan amidst other competing priorities? How much money will the state need to spend to meet the 2018 deadline? Lawmakers, the state superintendent and education stakeholders weigh in.

On the show:
Randy Dorn, state superintendent of public instruction
Tom Ahearne, lead attorney in the McCleary case
Chris Korsmo, League of Education Voters, CEO
Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48th), House Appropriations Committee chair
Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41st), Senate K-12 Education Committee chair
Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council president
Liv Finne, Washington Policy Center's Center for Education director

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