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What does the library of the future look like?
Town Square: Re-Imagining Library Spaces

What would your dream library look like?
How do you envision the library of the future?
What do you think of the physical spaces in your local public library?

One of the Seattle Public Library's five Service Priorities is "Re-Imagined Spaces," meaning to adapt and energize Library spaces for new uses in keeping with changing services, programs, interests and needs of Library users and the changing way that they use Library spaces.

Join City Librarian Marcellus Turner and expert panelists to discuss how The Seattle Public Library, and other libraries throughout the world, are re-imagining their spaces to serve the changing needs of patrons now and into the future.

Panelists include:
Dri Ralph, facilities design coordinator for The King County Library
Walter Schacht, fellow of the American Institute of Architects
Tom Fay, director of library programs and services for The Seattle Public Library

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