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Creatively deviating from the college path at Civic Saturday
Citizen University TV: Creatively Deviating from the College Path at Civic Saturday

Civic Seminarian Kristin Leong leads a special presentation of Civic Saturday, introducing guest speaker Aliyah Musaliar, a first-year student at the University of Washington. Musaliar reveals her turmoil as she wrestles with the only question people seem to be focused on: What are you going to be? And that leads to even greater anxiety for Musaliar since the predetermined path her parents envision does not align with her own interests. This, she says, is the reality for many members of Generation Z. "We're told to dream big, but those dreams need to be kept in check by how the market is fluctuating," said Musaliar in an address delivered April 27, 2019, at Hillman City Collaboratory as part of Citizen University's Civic Saturday, the civic analog to a faith gathering.

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