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Look, Listen and Learn about the importance of names
Look, Listen and Learn: What's Your Name?

Xiomara. Elena. Auntie Lena. Possum. These are names you’ll hear in today’s episode, which reminds us that names aren’t only names. They’re also all the special and unique things that make us who we are! So, what’s your name? Look, Listen and Learn with us about ways to celebrate your name and why saying the names of others correctly matters.

Tune in to these segments in our latest episode: First, Miss Amber and Lilliana read “Your Name is a Song” by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow at Boulevard Park Library and practice how to pronounce different names through song. Then, Miss Olivia and Inez make fun songs together using the letters of their names. Finally, Miss Charleen demonstrates how to make your own unique name banner at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma.


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