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Emails detail Seattleites clucking concerns around Urban Farming Ordinace
Favorite Archival Object: Constituent Email on the Urban Farming Ordinance, 2010

In this installment, Seattle Municipal Archives' Digital Asset Manager Sarah Shipley presents constituent emails related to the 2010 Urban Farming Ordinance received by Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin.

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– Richard Collin Electronic Correspondence, Record Series 4621-01
– Ordinance 123378 (introduced July 6, 2010), An Ordinance related to land use and zoning, amending Sections 23.40.002, 23.42.052, 23.43.006, 23.43.040, 23.44.006, 23.44.040, 23.45.504, 23.45.506, 23.45.508, 23.45.514, 23.45.545, 23.47A.004, 23.47A.011, 23.47A.012, 23.48.010, 23.49.008, 23.50.012, 23.50.020, 23.54.015, 23.84A.002, 23.84A.014, and 23.84A.036; adding new sections to Chapters 23.42 and 23.44; and amending the title of subchapter II of Chapter 23.44, to support urban agriculture, to modify restrictions on greenhouses and solariums and on the keeping of domestic fowl, to clarify and modify definitions for key terms related to urban agriculture and to make technical corrections.
– City Stream Splashback: Chickens (July 2010), Item 15529, Record Series 3902-01
– [Seattle Public Library] Tape 4 (November 1, 1995), Item 8492, Record Series 3902-01
– Century 21 Footage, Item 2039, Record Series 3902-01
– Seattle City Council Regional Development & Sustainability Committee (July 21, 2010), Item 13816, Record Series 3902-01

All of the videos from the "Favorite Archival Object" series feature the following:
– Footage in introduction titles: Seattle Channel, Item cs_112119_3071924V
– Music: "The Plan's Working" by Cooper Cannellis from YouTube's Audio Library (Creative Commons)


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