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Councilmember Mosqueda debuts JumpStart Seattle Plan
CM Mosqueda, community & housing advocates, debut JumpStart Seattle Plan

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide) and a coalition of housing advocates, businesses, labor groups, and community advocates debut a new progressive revenue proposal, called JumpStart Seattle. This plan would respond to the immediate COVID crisis and focus on Seattle's long-term economic revitalization and resiliency by investing in affordable housing and essential city services. Mosqueda walks through how the tax will address the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, and in later years support existing city services and new affordable housing. 


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Councilmember Lewis unveils amendment protecting Pike Place Market Historical Commission’s authority

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis (District 7 - Pioneer Square to Magnolia) announced his intentions to protect Pike Place Market from proposed legislation that would permanently strip historic districts of key administrative review authority. The Market, placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, was stripped of its independent administrative review processes like many other historic districts at the start of the COVID pandemic. This disconnect between the community stewards and administration of the Market has outlasted its need and is cutting out some of the Market’s strongest advocates from discussions on its future. Thursday’s event features representatives from Friends of the Market who have an extensive history of service to the Market and can speak to the importance of returning administrative review to the Market, provided by Councilmember Lewis’ amendment to CB120456.

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis, Seattle City Council

Sara Patton, Friends of the Market advocate

Duncan Thieme, Friends of the Market Board member


Councilmember Sawant to propose legislation against caste discrimination

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Seattle City Council’s Sustainability and Renters’ Rights Committee, proposes City legislation aimed at fighting caste discrimination. Caste is a system of rigid social stratification characterized by hereditary status, endogamy (completely closed categories), and social barriers based on birth and descent. Caste discrimination occurs in the form of social segregation, economic deprivation, physical and psychological abuse, and violence. Caste discrimination is also manifested in employment, education, and housing.

It is faced by South Asian American and other immigrant working people in their workplaces, including in the tech sector, in Seattle and in cities around the country. Sawant and other speakers will present the draft ordinance, which will be the first of its kind in the nation if passed by the City Council. Speakers will explain the caste discrimination that exists locally and nationally, and how the proposed ordinance will help fight caste discrimination.

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council

Samir Khobragade, Tech worker & South Asian American community member

Raghav Kaushik, Tech worker & South Asian American community member

Hassan Khan, Human rights activist

Javed Sikandar, Technology leader

Lama Rangdrol, Seattle-based African American teacher of Buddhism

Alvin Muragori, Socialist & community organizer

Budget Chair Mosqueda releases balancing package

Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda presents the balancing package and provides an overview of the budget.

Speakers and attendees include:

Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle City Council

Esther Handy, Director, Seattle City Council Central Staff

Councilmember Nelson & film community urge creation of Seattle Film Commission

Councilmember Sara Nelson (Position 9, Citywide), film industry professionals, and community members urge the Seattle City Council to pass her legislation to create a Seattle Film Commission. The Council is scheduled to vote on the legislation during its meeting Tuesday, Sept. 20. If passed, the Commission would help advise city leaders on ways to both bring the film and television industry to Seattle and ensure creatives already in Seattle have more professional opportunities in the city. 

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Sara Nelson, Seattle City Council

Tom Skerritt, Emmy Award winning actor

Susan LaSalle, Seattle-based film producer & member, SEATTLE FILM SUMMIT

Anthony Tackett, member, SEATTLE FILM SUMMIT

Markham McIntyre, Director of Seattle Office of Economic Development

Amy Lillard, Executive Director, Washington Filmworks

Councilmember Lewis announces his budget for Seattle Park District

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis (President of the Seattle Park District Governing Board and Councilmember from District 7) announces his budget for the Seattle Metropolitan Park District. The Park District is a supplemental funding source for Seattle’s parks that was approved by voters in 2014, making investments citywide for six years at a time. This is the second round of investments by the Park District. More information here.

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis, Seattle City Council

Jon Scholes, President & CEO, Downtown Seattle Association 

Christopher Williams, Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation

Rebecca Bear, President & CEO, Seattle Parks Foundation

Andrea Ornelas, Assistant Political Director, Laborers Local 242 

Katie Garrow, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Laborers Local 242

Nicole Grant, Executive Director, 350 Seattle

Morales & Herbold announce legislation protecting abortion access

Following the the U.S. Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade, Councilmember Tammy J. Morales (District 2, Chinatown / International District and South Seattle) and Councilmember Lisa Herbold (District 1, West Seattle and South Park) are joined by reproductive justice advocates to announce legislation that will protect people seeking abortions in Seattle.

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council

Councilmember Tammy Morales, Seattle City Council

Kim Clark, Legal Voice

Kia Guarino, Pro-Choice Washington

Yvette Maganya, Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates (PPAA)

Councilmember Mosqueda, Housing Providers to Announce Affordable Housing Projects Possible Due to JumpStart Tax

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda (Position 8, Citywide), Seattle Office of Housing, and affordable housing providers unveil the first slate of housing projects funded by JumpStart Seattle. JumpStart is a progressive payroll tax that makes historic investments in affordable housing and also funds critical investments into equitable development, the City’s Green New Deal, economic resilience, and workforce development. 

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle City Council

Maiko Winkler-Chin, Office of Housing

Velma Veloria, Filipino Community Center and former WA State 11th LD Rep 

Miguel Maestas, El Centro del la Raza 

James Lovell, Chief Seattle Club

Nicole Macri, State Representative (D-43rd)

Councilmember Sawant & community supporters introduce abortion rights sanctuary city legislation

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), joined by community leaders, announce legislation making Seattle a sanctuary city for pregnant people and their doctors. The legislation is in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, which overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday. 

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council

Sam Sumpter, UAW Local 4121

Dr. Amy Zhang, Resident & Fellow Physician Union

Emily McArthur, Socialist Alternative

Councilmember Morales joins Seattle Maritime Academy to announce funding

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales (District 2) and community representatives of the maritime industry announce the release of $1 million in funding by the city to support maritime training and education. 

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales, Seattle City Council

Deputy Mayor Kendee Yamaguchi, City of Seattle

John Lederer, Seattle Office of Economic Development

Louise Chernin, Seattle Colleges

Daniel P. Golosman, Seattle Skills Center (Seattle Public Schools)

Berit Erikkson, Sailors Union of the Pacific 

Forest Reese, Student, Seattle Maritime Academy 

Councilmembers Herbold, Lewis introduce ‘PayUp’ legislation to protect app-based workers

Lisa Herbold (District 1 – West Seattle/South Park) and Andrew J. Lewis (District 7 – Pioneer Square to Magnolia) join Working Washington and Seattle Restaurants United to discuss the first in a suite of bills called “PayUp” focused on labor standards protections for app-based workers. 

The bill sets minimum compensation standards, transparency in employment terms, and flexibility in employment issues for app-based workers. This bill is the result of nearly a year of engagement with stakeholders including drivers and the companies with whom they work. Engagement thus far has included over a dozen large-format stakeholder meetings and three public meetings in the Seattle City Council’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee.  Discussion of the introduced bill will begin at the April 12 Public Safety and Human Services committee. 

Speakers and attendees include: 

Councilmember Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis, Seattle City Council

Mikey Pullman, gig worker & PayUp campaign leader

Kim Wolfe, gig worker & PayUp campaign leader

Carmen Figueroa, gig worker & PayUp campaign leader

Wei Lin, gig worker & PayUp campaign leader

Jeanie Chunn, Seattle Restaurants United

Councilmember Sawant, Starbucks workers discuss local union movement

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council's Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee, holds a press conference at the Starbucks Headquarters with Starbucks Workers United members from Buffalo and Seattle, local progressive union members, and socialists. The group unveils a new council resolution in solidarity with Starbucks unionization.    

Speakers and attendees include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, City of Seattle

Casey Moore, Starbucks, Buffalo, New York

Gianna Reeve, Starbucks, Buffalo, New York

Michah Lakes, Starbucks, Seattle

Brent Hayes, Starbucks, Seattle

Sydney Durkin, Starbucks, Seattle

Sarah Pappin, Starbucks, Seattle

Star Willey, Starbucks, Seattle

Sam White, Darwin's Ltd. coffee shop, Boston

Elan Axelbank, Socialist Alternative

Rep. Jayapal, Councilmember Mosqueda urge Sen. Manchin to pass Build Back Better Act and deliver on long-overdue investments in child care

U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) and Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda join local child care provider Jenny Lowery and representatives from SEIU 925 to highlight the importance of long-overdue investments in child care. The U.S. Senate continues to negotiate the Build Back Better Act that was passed by the House of Representatives in November. 

The Build Back Better Act is a $1.85 trillion package that would make unprecedented investments in working people, families, and communities across America. This is particularly true when it comes to child care. The House bill includes universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, expanding access to free, high-quality preschool for more than six million children; affordable, high-quality childcare with costs limited to no more than seven percent of income for families earning up to 250 percent of the state median income; and four weeks of guaranteed paid family and medical leave, guaranteed. 

Speakers include:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Washington Dist. 7.

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle City Council

Jenny Lowery, Hullabaloo Preschool

Councilmember Strauss, partners discuss new model of encampment removal used at Ballard Commons Park

Councilmember Dan Strauss (District 6 - Northwest Seattle) and a coalition of homelessness service providers, city officials, business leaders and others highlight their successful work to offer people residing at Ballard Commons Park appropriate shelter and a path towards permanent housing. 

Since August, Councilmember Strauss has worked to bring together a host of community members, city departments, and service providers to coordinate a robust response that ensured people living in the park were offered the support they needed, including 24/7 enhanced shelter with wraparound onsite services like case management and housing navigation. 

Speakers include:

Councilmember Dan Strauss, Seattle City Council

Mike Stewart, Ballard Alliance

Chloe Gale, REACH

Rev. Canon Britt Olson, St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Councilmember Sawant holds press conference in support of Terrace Crest tenants

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the council's Sustainability and Renters' Rights Committee, joins tenants at the Terrace Crest Apartments in Seattle's First Hill Neighborhood to demand their landlord, Breier-Sheetz Properties, fix the boiler which has been broken since mid-September, leaving tenants almost entirely without hot water and/or heating for the last two months. Councilmember Sawant shares a letter she has sent to the landlord in support of tenants and announces future plans for legislation to protect renters from landlord negligence.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council

Allison Rau, Terrace Crest Tenant

Fran Love, Terrace Crest Tenant

Thaddaeus Hug, Terrace Crest Tenant

Violet Lavatai, Tenants Union of Washington State

Melina McCombs, former Terrace Crest Tenant

Mark Dunn, Terrace Crest Tenant

Perry Holstein, Terrace Crest Tenant

Councilmember Lewis highlights model to address homelessness in Pioneer Square

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis (District 7 - Pioneer Square to Magnolia) and a coalition of service providers, members from the business community, and others provide an update about the team effort to successfully shelter 31 individuals experiencing homelessness on 1st Ave. and Yesler, all of whom accepted appropriate shelter voluntarily. The JustCARE alliance coordinates whenever possible with City-funded shelter options via the Human Services Department (HSD), and partners with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR), and Public Utilities (SPU) for debris removal when people have voluntarily left items behind when they move. As Seattle wrestles with the homelessness crisis, this model - non-siloed teams of JustCARE and the City working in concert - has been repeatedly proven effective, both humanely providing shelter services for those experiencing unsheltered homelessness as well as clearing public spaces for everyone.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis, Seattle City Council

Dominique Davis, Wheeler Davis Safety Team

Emily Kim & Heather Hodge, The Pastry Project

Lisa Howard, Alliance For Pioneer Square

Jon Scholes, Downtown Seattle Association (DSA)

Karen Salinas, Evergreen Treatment Services - REACH

Nichole Alexander, Public Defender Association

Lyly Nguyen, JustCARE

Lisa Daugaard, Public Defender Association

Councilmember Sawant holds a press conference

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle) holds a press conference.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council

Liban Abdalla, Tenant

Annie Byse-Moore and Patricia Bruce, Tenants 

Jacob Schear, Real Change 

Kate Rubin, Be:Seattle 

Lydia Rubenstein, Tenants Union

Councilmember Pedersen celebrates opening of Rosie's Tiny House Village

Councilmember Alex Pedersen (District 4, Northeast Seattle), Sound Transit, City of Seattle Human Services Department, Low Income Housing Institute, service providers, neighbors, and members from the local business community celebrate an Open House of Rosie's Village. This will be the first tiny house village to open on Sound Transit property.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Alex Pedersen, Seattle City Council

Sharon Lee, Low Income Housing Institute

Tracy Williams, tiny house village resident

Theresa Barker, Northeast Seattle community member

Barb Oliver, Sound Foundations NW

Kimberly Farley, Sound Transit

State Representative Frank Chopp

Don Blakeney, U District Partnership

Councilmember Sawant & others unveil legislation to fund affordable housing in Central District

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council's Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee, joined Central District faith leaders, the Low Income Housing Institute, and community organizations to unveil legislation to support the New Hope Family Housing project and the compensation of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and others for land taken from them by the City of Seattle under the racist Urban Renewal programs of the 1960s. New Hope Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffrey Sr. documented this forced sale in a recent Seattle Times op-ed. The legislation will also fund affordable housing for displaced and low-income neighbors with roots in the neighborhood.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, District 3

Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffrey, Sr., Senior Pastor, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Aisaya Corbray, Low Income Housing Institute

Rev. Lawrence Willis, Pastor, Truevine of Holiness Baptist Church

Rev. Angela Ying, Senior Pastor, Bethany United Church of Christ

Alvin Muragori, Socialist Alternative member, community organizer with Councilmember Sawant's office

Eddie Rye, Jr., Community Activist

Councilmember Lewis & others highlight effective, caring model to address homelessness

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis (District 7 - Pioneer Square to Magnolia), service providers and members from the business community announce the publication of a University of Washington study demonstrating the effectiveness of the JustCARE model, and provide a tangible example of how 33 individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness on 3rd Avenue downtown were connected with appropriate shelter by JustCARE and voluntarily accepted. The JustCARE model is a team effort combining outreach workers from REACH/Evergreen Treatment Services, a field team from CoLEAD, and hotel-based teams with Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) & CoLEAD, along with the Wheeler Davis safety team.  The JustCARE alliance coordinates whenever possible with City-funded shelter options via the Human Services Department (HSD).

Speakers include:

Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis, District 7

Katherine Beckett, UW Professor of Sociology 

Nichole Alexander, JustCARE

Dominique Davis, Wheeler Davis Safety Team

SJ Percer, CoLEAD

Rachel Smith, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce 

Rick Yoder, Wild Ginger 

Lou Bond, Melbourne Tower

Chris Park, Downtown Seattle Association

Jesse Benet, Public Defender Association

Councilmember Morales & others rally for enhanced eviction protections

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales (District 2 - South Seattle & The C/ID), housing advocates, tenant protection groups, renters and community members rallied for new protections for renters on Friday outside of City Hall. Morales introduced new legislation that provides an enhanced eviction defense for renters. The "Sound at Home" legislation provides a defense in eviction court for any renter who has faced a financial hardship caused by the pandemic that would have caused them to fall behind on rent. Speakers include:

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales, District 2
Anquida Adams, Chair of the Seattle Disability Commission & affected renter
Julissa Sanchez, Tenant Organizer at the Tenants Union of Washington
Tram Tran-Larsen, Community Engagement Manager at the Housing Justice Project

Councilmember Strauss discusses Café Streets program

Councilmember Dan Strauss (District 6 - Northwest Seattle), chair of the Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee, with the support of area business owners, announces the official extension of the city's existing Café Streets program through May 31, 2022. The program enables restaurants and other retail storefronts to utilize streets outside of their businesses for outdoor dining or displays for an additional year and creates a path to permanency. 

Speakers include:

Councilmember Dan Strauss, City of Seattle

Mike Stewart, Ballard Alliance

Max Genereaux, Hattie's Hat

Hannah Carter, Bitterroot BBQ

Doug Farr, Seattle Farmers Market Association

Anna Zibarts, Disability Rights Washington

Sawant, community members announce renewed drive for rent control

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council's Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee,  unveils renters' rights legislation. Sawant and community members describe plans to push the City Council to enact residential and commercial rent control, currently banned by state legislation. Sawant also unveils companion legislation to address the growing rent crisis for tenants and struggling small businesses, including requiring landlords to provide 180 days' notice for any rent increases and providing for landlord-paid economic eviction assistance for any tenant who is forced out of their home due to rent increases.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, City of Seattle

Shirley Henderson, small business owner

Reverend Dr. Robert Jeffrey, Sr., New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Jordan Van Voast, homeowner, nonprofit leader, parent, climate justice activist

Amzi Jeffs, union activist, renter

Joe Sugrue, union activist, renter

Castill Hightower, Black Lives Matter activist

Matt Maley, educator, union member, renter

Deyo Esquivel, indigenous community activist, renter

Renée Holmes, Central District renter

Raghav Kaushik, tech worker, homeowner, immigrant community activist

Star Willey. Starbucks worker, trans community activist, renter

Karla Esquivel, business owner

Kailyn Nicholson, Socialist Alternative member, parent, renter

Sawant unveils legislation to prohibit evictions of school children & families

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council's Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee, unveils legislation that would prohibit evictions of school children, their families, and educators during the school year. Sawant is joined by Seattle School Board Member Zachary DeWolf, Seattle Education Association educators, Seattle school students, and renter advocates who will explain the devastating impact that evictions have on school children and the urgent need for this legislation.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, City of Seattle

Bruce Jackson, Aki Kurose Middle School Seattle Education Association 

Natalya McConnell, Student

Julissa Sanchez, Tenants Union of Washington State

Zachary DeWolf, Seattle School Board

Matt Maley, Seattle Education Association

Morales, community call for close to "lease termination loophole"

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales (District 2, South Seattle and the CID), together with community representatives, introduces the scope of work for the first in a series of Tenants' Bill of Rights legislation. The legislation is intended to fix a weakness in the City of Seattle's Just Cause Eviction Ordinance that has, for the last forty years, allowed tenants to be forced from their homes without cause. This legislation aims to ensure that tenants are not removed from their homes without cause following the end of the eviction moratorium, or at any other time in the future.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales, City of Seattle

Dulce Gutierrez Vasquez, El Centro de la Raza

Tram Tran-Larsen, Housing Justice Project

Arianna Laureano, Seattle tenant

Sawant urges colleagues to pass Right to Counsel legislation

Councilmember Kshama Sawant (District 3, Central Seattle), chair of the Council's Sustainability and Renters Rights Committee, eviction defense experts, and renter advocates share why the Seattle City Council should vote for Right to Counsel legislation without any means testing or other loopholes.The legislation would for the first time give Seattle tenants the right to legal aid when facing eviction. 

Speakers include:

Councilmember Kshama Sawant, City of Seattle

Jacob Shear, Real Change Real Change Vendor

Sharon Crowley, UAW 

Edmund Witter, Housing Justice Project 

Violet Lavatai, Executive Director, Tenants Union of Washington State 

Maya Garfinkel, Organizing Director, Be:Seattle and coalition member of Stay Housed Stay Healthy

Anastasia Schaadhardt, UAW 4121 member

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