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Mayor & others announce Seattle's new Driver Resolution Center
Mayor & others announce Seattle's new Driver Resolution Center

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, together with the Drivers Union, Teamsters, and Seattle Office of Labor Standards announced that the Drivers' Union will be funded to launch and operate Seattle's new Driver Resolution Center.  

The TNC (Transportation Network Company) Driver Deactivation Rights Ordinance (DRO) protects TNC drivers from unwarranted deactivation, an action that blocks drivers' access to the online platform that allows the driver to provide rides to customers. The law provides a venue for drivers to challenge those deactivations before a neutral arbitrator, and authorizes the City to enter into an agreement with an organization to provide Driver Resolution Center services. 

Speakers include:

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, City of Seattle
Peter Kuel, President of the Drivers Union
Nurayne Fofana, driver
Nicole Grant, MLK Labor Executive Secretary Treasurer
Steve Marchese, Director of Seattle's Office of Labor Standards


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