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Seattle University Conversations, the quarterly series presented by the Institute of Public Service, brings local, regional, and national leaders to the stage for in-depth discussions on critical current issues. 

Meet the new Seattle mayor: Where do we go from here?
Meet the new Seattle mayor: Where do we go from here?

Crime and homelessness remain Seattle’s most troubling issues. On his 100th day in office, Mayor Bruce Harrell explains how he’s assessing these problems and where the city goes from here. He tells hosts Prof. Larry Hubbell and Joni Balter that his process includes three separate evaluations and actions, including changing the narrative of the city under his One Seattle approach. He’s quick to point out change will not happen overnight, saying, “If things can be changed quickly, they can also be broken quickly, and I owe you more than that.” Mayor Harrell also shares his thoughts on police hiring, revitalizing downtown, the reopening of the West Seattle Bridge, and avoiding past friction between the mayor’s office and city council. Regarding the latter, Mayor Harrell says his 12 years serving on the council provided him valuable perspective. As mayor, he says he will not blame or publicly humiliate council members and will work to build relationships that benefit the city.   

Harrell is interviewed by professor Larry Hubbell, multimedia journalist Joni Balter, and students.

Presented by Seattle University's Institute of Public Service.