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Art Zone looks back at 2017
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 12/15/17

Art Zone says au revoir to 2017 with an extra-large episode featuring some of our favorite profiles, bands, and artists from the past year. The Detail Artist: Nico Cox; The Activist: Mary Lambert; The Turntablist: DJ Vega; The Funk/Soul Goddess: SassyBlack; The Provocateur: Amanda Manitach; The Provisionists: Nevertold Casket Company; The Animator: Clyde Petersen; The Wunderkind: RainBowGore Cake; Happy Orchestra; The Sacred Note Shaper; The Scribe: E.J. Koh; The Connector: Michael Maine; Stereo Embers and cameos by Mike McCready and Barrett Martin. Happy New Year from Art Zone!

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