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How to taste and lots of twists on Art Zone
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 3/9/2018

Art Zone is full of flavor this week. Artist Carol Milne reveals the technique behind her impressive knitted glass sculptures. Chef and author Becky Selengut introduces Nancy to the art of taste with tips on how to hone your palate from her new book "How to Taste." Then, Café Nordo's Erin Brindley invites us into her kitchen as she mixes up the menu for "The Maltese Falcon," a theatrical culinary collaboration with Book-It. We warm up for the Moisture Festival with the circus-inspired music of Ron Bailey and The Tangents featuring Caela Bailey and a mind-bending performance by contortionist Saffi Watson. And actor Evan Barrett curates the arts calendar with something to suit every taste.

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