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Citizen University TV offers an up-close look at lessons in civic power and engagement.

Eric Liu is founder of Citizen University and executive director of the Aspen Institute Program on Citizenship and American Identity. He was a speechwriter and deputy domestic-policy adviser for President Bill Clinton. He is the author of You're More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen's Guide to Making Change Happen and A Chinaman's Chance, and co-author of The Gardens of Democracy and The True Patriot. For 11 years, Eric interviewed hundreds of Seattle's leaders for Seattle Voices on Seattle Channel. He is a regular columnist for and a correspondent for 

Citizen University TV: Make Your Fight a Fable
Citizen University TV: Make Your Fight a Fable

Citizen University TV Host Eric Liu says to make change, "Make your fight a fable." He recommends choosing people and symbols that personify the bigger moral and political stakes to create potent symbols for your cause. Learn about 350 Seattle, a climate action network that incorporates art and street theater into its dramatic and sometimes disruptive demonstrations. Civil disobedience is one way to push for change. Liu interviews a leader of NWDC Resistance, an undocumented movement that supports hunger strikes and other actions by people at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) at risk of deportation. From picking the right fight to defining it on your terms, Liu lays out how to shift the story, change the game and make your fight a fable.


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