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Vice Admiral (ret.) Raquel Bono + Former WA Gov. Gary Locke
Civic Cocktail: Vice Admiral (ret.) Raquel Bono + Former WA Gov. Gary Locke

Washington state cracks the door on its economy giving some businesses a boost. But the Director of the state's COVID-19 Health System Response Raquel Bono tells host Joni Balter it will clamp down if the number of coronavirus cases spikes in the weeks ahead. Bono emphasizes, "we want to avoid increasing risk to others who may not be as capable of fighting this off." She also explains the current challenge regarding testing. Speaking as a former Navy surgeon, she answers the question about whether six feet of social separation really enough? And, as the coronavirus first emerged, former Washington Governor Gary Locke says the Trump administration was slow to act, "the W.H.O. sounded the alarm, many other countries around the world responded, the United States did not." Locke also comments on his puzzling appearance in an anti-Joe Biden ad and what it reveals about longstanding stereotypes. Plus, he updates Washington's participation in the current U.S. census.

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