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Civic Cocktail: Future of Justice + Perception vs. Reality in the Media
Civic Cocktail: Judge Robert Lasnik & Sen. Manka Dhingra + Omari Salisbury & Ted Warren

As Senate Republicans push to confirm President Trump's conservative Supreme Court nominee, how will that be received? Senior U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik tells host Joni Balter politics should stay out of the process and we should avoid any temptation to load the court. He says, " is a bad idea, frankly, to tinker with the nine we have." State Senator Manka Dhingra is worried about the future of healthcare and reproductive rights but says Washington has protections other states do not. And, the daily protests have ended, but the Trump administration continues to label Seattle an "anarchist city." Is that fair? Two journalists who captured many moments protesters clashed with police, share their perspective. Omari Salisbury, founder of Converge Media, spent 30 consecutive days in the CHOP. His live stream attracted a global audience. And though he agrees Seattle has its problems, he says "to paint the whole city with this broad brush is disingenuous and misleading." Associated Press photographer Ted Warren says there was plenty of sensationalized media coming out of Seattle. He cites one example where a TV network manipulated photos to make it appear downtown Seattle was in flames and overrun by crime. 

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