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Civic Cocktail: Adrian Diaz, Rev. Harriett Walden + Denise Juneau
Civic Cocktail: Adrian Diaz, Rev. Harriett Walden + Denise Juneau

Interim Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz is already on the move, shifting 100 officers from specialty units to patrol. The night before taking command, he shares his list of priorities with host Joni Balter and explains his plan to repair relationships within the community. But to Diaz, this still tops his list, "When people call 911, they don't care if you have enough staffing or not, they need help." Sharing in the discussion is Rev. Harriett Walden, founder of Mothers for Police Accountability. She offers a historical perspective to protests from her current and decades long experience fighting for civil rights and poses a stern warning to troublemakers disrupting peaceful protests. From protests to lesson plans, the state's largest school district shifts to remote learning as classes begin. Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau explains the "strong start" method and how the district will employ check-ins to ensure students receive social/emotional support. Juneau also shares who saved the day when the district's 12,000 iPads were stranded in a supply-chain nightmare. Now, all 53,000 Seattle students will return to class with the tools needed to learn. 

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