Our City, Our Schools

A look at city investments in education

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About Our City, Our Schools

The series highlights levy-funded programs from pre-K through high school. Host Brian Callanan talks with everyone from principals to preschoolers about the Families and Education Levy's successes and its challenges. Is the investment paying off? How are levy programs improving student achievement? What are the benchmarks for measuring the levy's effectiveness?

Our City, Our Schools: Early Learning Academy
Our City, Our Schools: Early Learning Academy
Seattle voters recently approved a preschool pilot program. Yet sorting out how preschoolers learn isn`t as simple as it may seem. The latest episode of Our City, Our Schools looks at the city`s Early Learning Academy, which provides training for preschool teachers and helps them prepare their students for kindergarten. The academy, funded by the city of Seattle`s Families and Education Levy, is a bold lesson plan for the future of early learning. Host Brian Callanan talks with a panel of early-childhood education experts about the importance of equitable access to high-quality pre-K programs. This segment is part of the Our City, Our Schools special series, which offers an up-close look at levy-funded programs designed to increase student success in school.