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Enjoy curated content for older adults including yoga instruction, art projects, and documentary films. AgeWise TV is a production of the Pike Market Senior Center.

AgeWise TV: Episode 117
AgeWise TV: Episode 117

Enjoy curated content for older adults including yoga instruction, art project  "Heart Maps" and documentary films on American soldiers' boots and people dealing with memory loss. This video features open captions.

In this episode:

BIMA Art In Action - Heart Maps: Wonder & King is taking over Art in Action! Danielle Gordon is here to lead you through a quick, mindful gratitude project called Heart Maps! #BIMAfromHome 

"The Corporal's Boots" is the story of one soldier's boots in the national exhibit, "Eyes Wide Open." The film is a journey through the boots of American soldiers who died in Iraq. The boots were sectioned by state and arranged in rows as if the soldiers were standing at parade rest. When it stopped in Washington State, a viewer who had a son in the military went to see it. She tells her moving story. Personal, intense, and profound with a haunting, original score. Directed by Patricia Boiko, West Seattle Senior Center member.  

Out of the desire to be advocates, members of The Gathering Place program who are living with memory loss chose to create this short documentary, "Living with Memory Loss: In Our Own Words." Memory loss currently carries an immense stigma, fear, and shame, so they wanted to share some more holistic narratives about their experiences. Created by PNA Greenwood Senior Center.

Enjoy a gentle yoga practice with Annie Stocker from Two Dog Yoga.