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Enjoy curated content for older adults including yoga instruction, art projects, and documentary films. AgeWise TV is a production of the Pike Market Senior Center.

AgeWise TV: Episode 119
AgeWise TV: Episode 119

Enjoy curated content for older adults including BIMA's Art in Action tips on making bubble prints, a documentary on Fishermen's Terminal and yoga instruction by Two Dog Yoga. This video features open captions.

In this episode:

BIMA Art In Action From Home - Bubble Prints: Emma from Bainbridge Island Museum of Art demonstrates a spontaneous printmaking project using bubbles. 

Documentary - Fishermen's Terminal Past & Present: Fishermen's Terminal has been the home port for the North Pacific Fishing Fleet for a century. This documentary by B.J. Bullert takes a look at the 2001 decision to add pleasure craft to the working-class enclave and examines maritime development in a rapidly growing city.

Gentle Chair Yoga: Enjoy a gentle yoga practice with Annie Stocker from Two Dog Yoga.